2 January 2012

channeled By Sohrab

CELESTIAL CONFERENCES AROUND in preparation for 2012.





This is a very busy time, in the ether, around Planet Earth! Various conferences are taking place, new societies are being formed, and celestial chambers of commerce, law and power-coding are being created. All of this, to ready Planet Earth for 2012.

For example, individuals who are mavericks in the areas of trade, commerce and finance on earth are, at a higher level, forming similar groups, to govern and influence themselves and their human counterparts, in the cities and countries in which they live.These souls comprising each group communicate with one another, and with various Masters, guides, and inter-planetary representatives; and discuss how best to contribute to the higher energies of humanity, the higher energies of trade and commerce, the collective consciousness, and so on.

This work is being done very carefully, and in perfect balance. It may even appear to be at odds with the human aspect of the person. For example, the chairman of a celestial trade group may be, in his incarnated aspect, very corrupt and dishonest. Yet, in his expanded , his own 'ruling' may lead to his earthly downfall and exposure. In short, the work being done is at an extremely high and refined level; and is being undertaken to guide and, in some cases, influence their parallel aspects on earth.

Innumerable such groups are being formed: teachers are banding together to guide the of earth; doctors and medical experts are working towards offering new cures and to open up the doors to natural medication, and so on. Work at this high level is relatively divorced from the earthly personae of the people involved. Decisions will be taken in expansion and balance; for the good of all. Yet your 'free will choices' have also to be considered.

Let us explain this with an example. Many such groups are working to streamline and nurture earth's natural resources. Oil is being given particular attention, as it is the endangered lifeblood of your planet. Many groups, comprising of experts in geology, mathematics and politics are focusing on this: they have to take into account the preservation of planet earth herself, but also have to account for your earthly choices. You may continue to choose to heedlessly plunder this natural resource, and they have to also respect that choice.

Systems of 'influence' are under discussion. They may consider passing down 'energetic impulses' that affect your thought patterns, and offer you the opportunity to awaken to the bigger picture; but they are not allowed to use direct coercion. Surely we need 'direct coercion' at this time, considering how irresponsible we are? Look at this from an earthly perspective. Do you have the right to 'force' your child to behave in a manner you consider appropriate? Do you have the right to 'lock her in her bedroom' till she agrees to your choices? Or is it better to offer her the benefit of your advice and guidance, and then allow her to make her own choices?

Can't we, as lightworkers, influence the collective consciousness?

Indeed you can, and you must! This can only be shifted through the force of love: it cannot be shifted by desire, judgment, influence, or even direct guidance. Each person must touch his own love center, and now through that.These celestial conferences are a combination of earthly energies, and Universal ones. Imagine the joyous mixture of cultures and abilities! This is a glorious new experiment: new, non-earthly concepts and strategies are now being introduced on earth. (Laughing) So, celestial hotels around planet Earth are now over-booked, and the conference halls in the sky are abuzz with wonderful, visiting delegates, supporters, and experts; each 'rushing' to meeting after meeting. These meetings are not influenced greed, arrogant, the desire to be heard, or one-upmanship; but they are lengthy, as each possible option and opinion has to be very carefully weighed, discussed and reviewed, before implementation takes place.

You spoke of us influencing the collective: would chanting help as well?

Chanting, thinking, feeling, embracing, prayers and intention: anything done with love will work. If you can really begin to love self, this love radiates outward and affects everything around you. So start by loving yourself. Be a shining beacon of love. Experience love in your daily lives. In your day-to-day activities. Losing yourself in the beauty of a flower, a painting, or a sunset, is to experience love. Courageously facing a situation you have previously run from is love. Understanding another, without judgment, is love. "Acknowledging and appreciating your own magnificence" is power; and true power is love. and remember, the soft caress of love that you know is but an aspect of the force of love.

It is important for you to know that the very core centre of planet earth has now begun to vibrate at a different set of frequencies. She has changed her very heartbeat.Now, in a previous session, you were told that even for the human race, no two heartbeats were quite the same. The same naturally holds true for planet Earth. However, the evolution of the heartbeat followed a certain trend or growth pattern. Now, even this has changed.

Planet Earth has begun to pulsate at irregular 'heartbeats'. Please note we used the word 'irregular' and not 'random'. This new heartbeat will naturally affect all of her kingdoms. Your structures are also changing very rapidly with this new energetic rhythm. You will now find your tastes, belief structures, patterns of behavior, morals, attitudes and views rapidly changing. You may find yourself liking foods you previously shunned. Or functioning in a manner you would have never before imagined.These may suddenly shift, and then shift again: we urge you to embrace the changes within self. Enjoy them, and celebrate them. If you resist these, you will find it difficult to proceed through 2012.

Who or what creates these resonances?

It is created by a combination of many factors, dear friend. Planet Earth, being desirous of these changes, is the primary creator. She is energetically merging strands of all her eras; past, present, future and alternate/simultaneous realities.As you can imagine, earth's vibration during the caveman era, and the technological age, are very different; yet these are beginning to pulsate, along with every single other aspect of her existence. She is also drawing to herself Universal energies with which she has never before interacted. All of this, put together, is creating a synthesis of new energies, frequencies and vibrations: the heartbeat must contain all of this.

What do the Atlantic crystals have to do with this?

As has been explained before, the Atlantean crystalline beds are now splitting and releasing new energies which are pure: they have no history. At the same time, you are now exposed to Earth's new heartbeat, and new vibrations. In effect, you are the who is now being offered a blank canvas, along with multi-colored paints, and now have the opportunity to create any masterpiece of your choice. Go ahead, paint a new life story! Start a new business or venture. Turn a stagnant relationship on its head. Take up a course or hobby you never imagined you would. Surprise yourself. If you add endeavor to your personal energies, you can go anywhere you desire.

Your blueprint is even more fluid than it was before. Even if you had planned to incarnate, this time around, to assimilate particular issues, you can now choose to change around this plan. To differ them completely, to work on them at an accelerated pace, or to work on others instead. Your exit points are now in your hands, to . Even as you have sat here, in this meeting, you have questioned yourselves several times over whether or not you wish to remain here. Thankfully, none of you have chosen to depart during this session…as yet! (Laughter)

So our bodies are also changing?

Completely and totally! Your organs are all changing energetic frequency, size and, in some cases, function. This will gradually be observed by your medical fraternity.

Changing function?

Yes: some organs may now multi-task, and add new functions to their existing ones.Your cells are also mutating. Post 11.11, a new crystalline strand has been introduced into your DNA. This strand has no bearing on your various lifetimes or existences: it is absolutely new, and is made up of Universal . Through this, you are giving self a new, Universal gene. Through this, you will begin to recognize self as a Universal being, and not just an Earthly one.

All children born post 11.11 will have this fully activated within self. They will simply know that they are part of Universal life. They will also be able to sense and, in some cases, see visiting Universal friends quite easily.
Observe your own pets, dear friends! How often that you seen them staring fixedly into space, or seemingly at a wall? They can sense and see both spirit friends, as well as Universal ones. This very home, for instance, has within it an Ashtaar command station. There is a constant flow of Universal visitors who 'come and go'. His pets can sense them; yet he rarely can! All your homes have visiting Universal friends, as all of you, at a higher level, have graciously agreed to play host to them. Why not learn to connect with them, acknowledge them, and enjoy your elite company?
Are they watching us?

Dear friends, there is absolutely no invasion of your privacy! They simply co-exist with you, at your invitation. You could liken this to sharing office space with another. This has deliberately been created, to accustom earth and her inhabitants to their existence, when they finally reveal themselves to you, visually and directly. They fully respect your need for privacy. In fact, if you could see them, you would be the ones constantly 'poking your noses' into their business! (All laugh)

What is their business here?

This question is like asking us to describe all possible professions on planet Earth! The Ashtaar communication center in this home, for example, is one which facilitates Universal energies and information being brought to Earth, and distributed where necessary. And there are many such centers around the planet. Similarly, different groups of Universal friends work for different aspects of the planet. Some may work for the plant kingdom, urging a shift in Earth's consciousness in this specific area. Others may work for animals. Yet others work to help direct the minds of scientists, engineers, technologists, mathematicians, artists, and so on; urging them onwards and upwards.

In general, their purpose is to facilitate the upliftment of the Planet and all her kingdoms. Let us assure you that there is no need or desire on their part to 'attack' or 'invade' you, dear friends! Yet your media constantly reinforces this fear in you. Examine yourselves: even though you, as lightworkers, have been exposed to them for years, and have heard them speak through him, and through other such channels, you still fear them! Or you choose to continue to doubt their existence.

Think this out logically, if you wish. You are aware of the trillions of stars and planets and galaxies 'out there': are you so egotistical to believe that you are the singular life-form in existence? Aren't the odds against this? Isn't this a little arrogant?

You said there are multiple conferences taking place: so how will the 'download' happen?

Ah! Very gently indeed! The 'download' will be offered to you in three predominant ways. The first: 'energetic impulses' will be created, affecting the appropriate brains and minds on planet earth. (Here, we speak of the human kingdom. The other kingdoms are far more receptive, as they offer very little resistance) The second: direct download during the sleep state. The third: through emotional upheaval, blocked energies of a human being will split wide open, offering him the opportunity to replenish self with new and expanded energies.

People who are blocked, in general, are likely to create events of great magnitude in their lives, to 'split apart' and reconstruct self. Understand that this choice is never 'imposed' upon anyone: it is carefully chosen at a soul level by the person himself.


(Sohrab shifts energies)
Though a familiar name was just offered to you, let us explain that the energy was that of a Universal Collective, energetically lead by your friend. This friend is not 'earthly' anymore; he now recognizes self as a purely Universal being. We urge you to follow suit. Your energies, as a group, are required today: kindly work together and offer joyous love to the areas of South East Asia, , and a few other, unnamed areas.