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Good evening lass.

[Good evening ]

Now, I know you on Earth are going through quite a ride now, and it is only the beginning, if I may say so. Things will speed up, and you need to take time out to yourself and prepare for what is ahead of you. A light heart is what is now desired, sweet lady. You got that? Right!

Be prepared for all possibilities, and possible outcomes, as the tumultuous activities and energies can give rise to many various outcomes. You see, you are all creating your own destiny, you are imagining it, dreaming it at night in a collective or as a singularity. If the collective human soul and mind wishes to experience more difficulties and troubles, you will just have to go alone with it, my lads.

At the moment, your collective mind is strongly resisting contact with alien civilisations. This is because of the dark cabal mind control and programming partly, but also because of your own fear and refusal to close this particular chapter for Earth’s history.

Many of you have deeply engrained memories of wars, and powerful sad battles in the skies and in space between various parties and civilisations. Ultimately these wars were and still are dividing the light and the darkness. Most of the people living in denial of extraterrestrial life have a deeply rooted fear of seeing wars explode all over your solar system again.

I hope you get what I am saying, this is important work for you to consider and acknowledge consciously, before allowing other civilisations among you. Ultimately, there would have to be some healing being done between us and you, before we could trust one another again, such as we did in the past.

Do not be disturbed by what I am saying, much of these fears and memories are due to the mind being programmed to live in fear and to be distrustful. Much of these fears are totally unfounded, as you will soon discover. However, we can not ignore your collective and individual emotions.

There is a very deep canyon between our worlds, as we stand now, lassie. As long as the gap does not narrow, it would be practically impossible for us to manifest into your reality. What you need to aim at, really, is to envisage our reunion and a happy loving relationship between you and alien cultures.

You have always been protected to some extent by your mother and father creator, now will come the time when you would have to meet them face to face.

Having said that, it is your role to come up and meet us, and we would also lower our vibrations down in order to allow for a peaceful meeting with your civilisation. Think of what you want, think of how you can achieve this. We are here, all around you, we perceive your thoughts, emotions, love and hate, fears and dislikes. There is no need to fear us, I assure you. We continue to patiently wait for your eyes to open to the reality of your situation.

We love you all very much and we are here behind your every step. You set the peace, dear ladies and gentlemen. We will follow. We know of the corruption of your politicians, we know that they only very rarely speak for you. But these people are a symbol for your level of consciousness and they are in the eye of the general public your elected representatives, they also do have power beyond belief over your lives, and over the military. We have to work with them for now. Until you are able to retake control of your government and have people in charge who truly have your best interests at heart, people not motivated by greed and power mainly.

Understand the complexity and the spider web we are all in regarding . As it stands, those who will have the courage to announce to the general public, will have their heads falling. After , governments and politicians will fall. This is why nobody has the slightest interest in doing the right thing concerning any official announcement. It is regretful that things have to be this way, that this slow torture of the heart and of the mind is dragging on for such a long time. I better go, before I get all mushy on this matter, and talk about the previous numerous attempts by various politicians for . And how those brave souls had their lives terminated for standing up for humanity and the truth. Allendale out.