January 30th, 2012


[Hi Al] Hi Tots, My, my you are a busy girl! [Never to busy for you, my friend.] That is lovely. Let me begin with an of where we are with and Ben’s work. 


Potions of David’s latest article have made it to the highest level of in your country. He is now being watched as an to . This is good, aye? For he and Ben to be credited for reporting on the that is under foot, may take awhile but the is noted and that, Tots is fabulous!


 He and Ben are on the verge of two separate but similar discoveries. THIS will blow the last stinking fish out of the water! People who were of the cabal are defecting in record numbers. Even we on the ship are surprised by the velocity of the tide turning. Quite quickly one event will run into another and another.

The is devising a way to present this information. They too have defectors of a grand scale. The flood gates are opening! Be on the stand-by Tots. I must go, much going on, I’ll report back as soon as I can. Allendale out.