January 15th, 2011

[Hello Allendale.] Hi Tots, we would like to give a out to the good folks who read The Tribe’s blog. [We?] Well, myself and the commanding officers of this . [Very good, I am ready.]

Hello to all the fine lads and lasses. This is Allendale, the High Self you know as Anonymous from ’s and Kerry Cassiday’s interview. I am here today with the folks who command the GLF ship I am currently on. We would like to address the state of the community you call Earth.

Although most who will read this message are the beings commonly referred to as ‘’, the message we wish to share is also for the others, who are truly but choose to experience the conclusion of reality in its finest form, amnesia.

To these fine folks who read these words, know that your displeasure with the worlds institutions of government, and operations of teaching selfish ways of being will end soon. No more will you be led away from the truth. The few who hold power over many will soon be in their own type of reality where they may continue with their ways of treating others deplorably. They will choose, most of them, to continue on in a 3-D way of life. This mind you is simply fine! Universal support allows for a soul’s growth in the perfection of the Creator. This means that some will choose to be in the 3-D world while others choose to ascend to higher realms of reality.

What makes these times you are living in so special is the world has entered a re-birth, an ascension of that will just blow your mind. Now, for those of you that are awake and aware of the change in your very near future, the message here is nothing new, now is it?

The message we have for you folks is this: You entered this life with the purpose of assisting those who need your help in managing through the muck of this unprecedented shift of the worlds consciousness. Not only did you lower your vibration to be in 3-D, you choose to never live a full life in amnesia again. This life is to awaken yourself to the memory and reality of your true origins. Tack on releasing your ego & opening your and believe you me, you have a full plate! You are the ones to be admired. We, up in the ships that are so very close to you, give you a steady round of applause.

Now the back patting is nice but we really don’t have time for that. Quite soon you will know we are here and nothing will ever be the same again! Get your houses in order, be in the most high place of your heart. We on the ships will handle our jobs, you handle yours. Allendale out.