Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ January 29 – February 05, 2012
Channeled by:
January 29, 2012

As promised I have returned through our lovely vessel to speak to all of you once again. My discussion today is mainly about love, self-love and love for all others unconditionally and of course your , mainly your chakra and the promotion of your .

Many messages of late are including the importance of self-love before loving others. Achieving self-love and acceptance you are then able to reciprocate that love onto others as easy as it is to breathe. Many dear children of Earth have trouble loving themselves mainly because they feel they are being selfish when if fact they are acting in the most selfless of ways. It is very possible and you are very capable of loving yourself without involving your ego, meaning your love for yourself is pure and without the doubt causing ego to interfere. Allow your heart to guide you to what makes you happy, what it is you wish to do when you put time aside just for you. It’s okay to go to your ‘child place’ in your heart once in awhile and let your spirit soar like an eagle. Allowing your spirit to dance and fly without inhibitions will rejuvenate your mind, your and of course your spirit. Just like the phrase, “Dance like nobody’s watching…” it is this concept that I am trying to impress upon you.

When you are in a comfortable place with self-love you will find yourself able to love others quite easily and openly. Your facial expressions will be much more relaxed and peace will have entered your heart portraying harmony in all you do. The of unconditional love is the greatest gifts because you give without the thought or expectation of anything at all being returned. You find no confusion or misunderstanding when your of unconditional love is not returned. The inner knowledge of giving a part of yourself is your returned dear children.

When we speak of expanding your heart, we are also speaking of the . This very chakra once fully opened and centered will bring you to Christ Consciousness. This does not mean you allow your other chakras to fall to the sidelines, it means your focus is primarily on your heart and all the aspects of maintaining and fine tuning the and its effects on all the other chakras as they are eternally linked from one to the other.

When you are within your Christ Consciousness this means you have achieved much in regards to opening your heart fully and loving completely and purely and accepting and His son into you heart, mind and body. Once this is established within your Christ Consciousness you are at the doorstep of incredible possibilities of the world around you including the vast and never-ending time, space and other realities of existence.

Your highest state of spiritual and intellectual development and emotional development is when you have achieved the highest state of your awareness – the christened state. This is a most sacred state of mind, body and spirit and the path acquiring this state requires full commitment, dedication and devotion to following God’s Will and living by God’s example. This would mean acting as God; accepting all people with NO judgments, without criticism, using non-biased opinions or advice, loving UNCONDITIONALLY and having the ability to show compassion even to the people who have done you wrong. Remembering that not all people are at the same place within their spiritual mind and loving heart. Acting with love and kindness in all parts of your life and shining your brilliant light unto everyone that you meet, even if they are only passers-by.

The path of light you are currently on does not mean all people are to find their Christ Consciousness in order to fulfill their Divine Purpose in this lifetime. The Christened State is available to anyone regardless of their traditions and ways they were brought up on. Once you are ready to take this sideline step that will become part of your journey, you are embarking on becoming an active vessel of LOVE and TRUTH of the highest order and that is of the PUREST soul deep love for yourself, for God, his Son and the spirit – the combining of the three creating the Threefold Flame.

To be in the Christened State does not mean you must be part of the Christian religion or believe in the Christian ideals. Allow yourself to be drawn to what resonates within your heart; what is right for you and what you are ready for. The journey that you are on has not time date, there is no rush. You will achieve all that you are meant to. It is best to allow this part of your journey to open up naturally and not force it on yourself if you are not ready for the commitment. I have seen many of your dear children create creative ways of incorporating other spiritual beliefs while working within their Christ Consciousness. All ways and beliefs are honoured and accepted when they are leading you to creating a newer you. A person who lives and loves through their heart at all times; someone who shows great patience, who is kind, considerate and has compassion for themselves and everyone else. ALL the spiritual concepts you have picked up so far that speak of LOVE and encourage you to live through your heart will lead you forward to the Source; to the Fatherly Creator many know as God.

When you are able to reach this level of awareness of your true nature, your higher self which is also your birthright as a child of God you will become a living expression of His spirit and you will over a period of time unfold your own divine plan that you are carrying out now. Reaching the state of Christ Consciousness is like reaching a state of Nirvana. You will discover self-transformation that will reveal all things glorious and wondrous. You will feel a unity with your fellow light workers that you never felt prior to this achievement. You will not only find peace, you will feel peace in all things. Love will flow through you dear children as beautifully as it is meant to.

Do not think for an instance that you must achieve this part of the journey if you are not fully ready. Mediate and consult with your guides, feel a sense of calmness when you make your decision and know that if you are not ready for this phase of your spiritual development you are still loved and dearly supported. We of the Divine know and understand that you will require some preparation that will lead you to this part of your path eventually.

Earlier we briefly spoke of your chakras. I suggest to you dear children to cleanse your chakras often, allow rejuvenation to enter your spiritual life-stream. Your chakras hold much and can become depleted quickly if not maintained. Your cleansing is not only done when you have completed a challenge that drained your internal resources, but it is necessary for overall spiritual health. Activate the Violet Flame as often as you feel the necessity or the drain of that is unusual. Your guides are close dear ones, ask for guidance and support and know God resides in your heart and is with you always.

Continue accessing my energy throughout your journey for healing, support, guidance to other areas that will promote spiritual and personal growth and for all aspects of your journey. My Light energy is your Light energy.

And so it is, Melchizedek through Julie Miller