The energies that are now flooding the planet are now cleansing, not only is cleansing the planet in the form of the rain and the wind, blowing across the planet, clearing the cobwebs, blowing the dust off the old but within us. For the outer is always a reflection of the inner.


Many are now looking to the new and wondering what it will bring. Have you had a few days of tears? have you had your own internal rainstorms where the storm came and reached parts of that you had forgotten? Did this bring fear to your BEing? did you think "oh no not again" and batten down the hatches or did you allow that rain to refresh each part of you. Did you allow the tears to flow and let go?


Did you reach the point of release by not being able to hold on anymore, sinking into the tears and allowing them out? for that is how the new is washing us clear of all the old. For aeons we have trapped emotions within our being, the only way to release grief, regret, and sadness is through tears. The salt within our tear drops cleansing our entire being, for salt is the great cleanser, the reason that mother earth fills her oceans with salt.


The new is here, it is not the harsh energies of the old year in which you were forced to look at parts of self that you perhaps did not want to view. This is a new, soft, . One that will support as you release the grief and suffering long held within not only your BEing but the entire human race. For all are one. We are crying and releasing the pain of not only our lifetimes on this planet but those of our ancestors.


The new demands even in its gentleness that all be released. If you fear the sadness welling up and have no reason to cry then it is the tears of your ancestors that you are releasing. For the human body you inhabit in this lifetime is the vehicle through which the healing takes place.


Many are now struggling physically, with cold/flu/ heart symptoms and are finding that the medicines they would use are not working. The physical is a manifestation of all that was held onto , all that was anchored on this planet. That is now going, it is being released for the new does not need pain to be anchored in this planet . For old energies anchored pain and trauma and the weather is a sign that mother earth is asking us too to cleanse. For only when you have gone through the storms, cried the tears of relief, of the pain of the sadness does the rainbow emerge.


You will find yourself standing on the shore, with the angels and all realms alongside of you. For ALL ARE ONE. The reallms that are around us ask that you honour the feelings that arise within you for the next few days. This is the release, the anchoring of the new that is taking place.


For where fear has had a they wish you to anchor , where pain has had a they wish you to anchor LOVE and where sadness and grief has had a they wish you to anchor more LOVE.


For LOVE IS what you are, what we all are. LOVE is the new driving force on this planet, it is blooming in every corner, in every place that there was pain, we must first shed the tears to allow the cleansing to take place then pour love and compassion through it all. FOr it is only in giving up the pain and the fear that we can anchor PEACE, LOVE and TRUTH.


Do not shy away from your tears and fall to the illusion of weak, for the weak do not cry, the strong know that the tears will give way to rainbows. The realms that are here to guide and support us ask for your FAITH and TRUST in YOU. For YOU are the one that is healing and in healing SELF you begin to heal all others for ALL ARE ONE.



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