Master, ’s Weekly ~ January 03 – 10, 2012

Surrender to 's Love
Channeled by:

Welcome to a wonderful day and a wonderful new year. A New Year will bring to each of you many wondrous sights and your and growth will soar as high as you are willing to reach. Your power and ability is limitless, so reach high and never stop because you are getting closer to your divine destiny all the time.

Many of you yet desire to learn of your life/soul purpose. And there are even fewer that aspire to learn what that purpose is within the connectedness of the Will of God. And you know what, there are even less dear children that are able to let go of the human will entirely in order to be immersed into the of God’s will through the holy skill of surrender. Surrender your will fully and completely to God. Be of full service to God and what God has to offer for all of you. Accept your role not only a child of God but also one to speak of the love of God and how this love effects your life regardless in personal or spiritual capacity.

Those of you that meditate on God’s love, His wisdom and will within their hearts, day and night; create a holy gateway for their life’s purpose to be fully involving and understood. Commit to yourself and to God of your Will to speak the of God’s Light and Love and the healing that will come not just for yourself but for others. Through God’s light, love and great patience, you will learn unconditional love and compassion and apply this newly learned way of living and being to everyone you are involved with – you pass it on and share it. Surrendering yourself to God fully and completely in itself will bring you insurmountable amount of light into your life, your home and all that you are part of. You will feel a joy in your heart that feels different, more complete than before.

Ask God to guide you, to show you by lighting the way on which way to go if you have any uncertainties. He wants you to access his giving nature more often. Your spiritual journey will continue to have its twists and its turns, but by believing completely in God’s love and knowing in your heart, He walks beside you will aid you to step forward through your challenges and not be afraid of the lessons that come with each occurrence. Knowing you have God at your side will make a world of a difference in your raised awareness and confidence in your own spiritual development. Many dear children hold back, remain unsure of what to do next. The answer is simple – turn to God, speak to God, meditate on His love and you will find answers dear one that will come through your heart center. God does not answer to the Ego, as the Ego has a reputation of distorting information. Your heart knows only the real truth and so do you if you listen and accept what is there and wanting you to know.

While listening to your heart for answers that will move your along your journey with more wisdom and knowledge, you will also learn the real truth. The truth about you and what you stand for. You will see and learn that you have changed. You change constantly, you are an abundance of change and that is how it is meant to be as you are growing and adapting so rapidly. Through this inner truth you are learning by listening to your guides that will answer through your heart, will also be teach you how to speak the truth without hurting another with ill choice wording. All it takes is one misplaced word dear ones and what understanding you have gained, could easily be lost. It does not matter if you are outspoken to completely opposite and very bashful; learning to speak with tact, love and kindness takes practice. Gentle guidance and non-biased instruction dear ones will go further than any bully-styled attempts. Not only will you gain respect from fellow Lightworkers, you will gain respect for yourself that will cause the love that is already present in your heart to flourish and quite possibly spill over.

Never stop believing in yourself dear ones. The concept of yourself must always stay up and positive. And believe that God, the angels, your masters and me, Master El Morya are with you at a moments notice. You will always move ahead with someone at your side cheering you on even if you cannot see or hear this; believe in your heart that this is it. You are loved beyond any measure by so many and by me.

And so it is, Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller