BB Motor Corp claims to be launching a revolutionary new in 2012 that is claimed to produce huge amounts of power while consuming zero fuel and producing zero . They are accepting inquiries regarding employment, marketing, dealerships, etc. Is this for real, or is it too good to be true?

by Hank Mills
Pure Systems News

There is no shortage of companies claiming to be developing . It seems every week I hear about a company that claims to be working on a product, that if validated, could help solve the . One such company is BB Motor Corporation, located in Southlake, . They allege to be developing an engine that produces huge amounts of power, but consumes no fuel and emits no pollution. 

Their product is called the J.I.M.S engine. J.I.M.S stands for "Jesus Is My Savior." It was invented by an individual named "Rhett", who is also one of the co-founders of BB Motor Corporation. He came up with the design for the engine not long after he lost his son to a roadside bomb in Iraq. The logo for the engine and company is composed of different colors and symbols that honor those who have served in the military, and also represent the values of the company. The gold star in the middle of the logo represents all the troops that have been lost so we can be free, the purple around the star represents the purple heart, and the green around the purple represents the "greenness" or environmental friendliness of the . Finally, the text saying, "A New Type of Freedom" represents the hope that people will one day be free from energy bills, fuel costs, and pollution.

Although the J.I.M.S engine is not described as being a or overunity device, their statements make it clear that is what is being alleged. For example, they claim it consumes no fuel and emits no pollution, but it can produce 100,000 foot pounds of torque. They also have a chart showing the money an individual could make by using one of these engines to turn a generator, and selling the excess power they do not consume back to the grid. It is obvious they are trying to indicate this is a technology of some kind, especially after reading how they describe the technology as, "An engine, so unique, that it has the ability to power homes, businesses and vehicles without the need for fuel and without generating harmful emissions."

The following are a few additional technical details about their engine from the company website.

J.I.M.S. Motor Information

The J.I.M.S. engine (shown above), is the most revolutionary engine to be released to the public in recent years. Since the current means of power is the combustion engine, we will try to describe the differences comparing it to the V-8 engine.

The V-8 engine generates 4 cylinder “firings&; per revolution. The J.I.M.S. engine generates 24 cylinder “firings&; per revolution. The use of the word firing is for comparison purposes as the J.I.M.S. engine does not “fire&; in the sense of burning fuel.

The average torque for the V-8 engine is 225-400 lbs, the torque for the J.I.M.S. engine is estimated to be in excess of 100,000 lbs*.

The average V-8 engine has 137 moving parts (not counting all the moving parts in the distributor and carburetor), and the J.I.M.S. engine has 5.

V-8 engines run at an average rpm range of 800 to 4000 and the J.I.M.S. engine is designed to run at 50 to 700 rpms.

Due to the lack of combustion firings and moving parts, the estimated life expectancy of the motor is 1,000,000+ miles.

Due to the lack of moving parts, we anticipate servicing and/or rebuilding of the motor to be a fraction of current motor expenses.

* The horsepower and torque will vary, based on the actual PSI and gallons per minute that are used to drive the motor.

The last statement is very interesting, and potentially reveals some information about how the device works. 

"The horsepower and torque will vary, based on the actual PSI and gallons per minute that are used to drive the motor."

It seems to me that the above statement indicates that the J.I.M.S engine might be powered by compressed air. However, if this is the case, then it needs to be explained how the system can power homes and vehicles without an energy cost. If it is a conventional compressed air engine, it will take energy to compress the air that is used to run it. This energy would have a cost. 

One possibility is that somehow the output of the engine is greater than the input, and some of the extra energy could be used to compress air to feed back into the system. &^&This is not specified on the website, and it is only a guess. However, for the J.I.M.S system to work as claimed, there must be some sort of method of harvesting free energy from the environment.

BB Motor Corp portrays this engine has being a solution to the energy crisis. I hope that it is something more than a very efficient compressed air engine. If it does not produce free energy in some way, they are misleading the public. 

In addition to the J.I.M.S engine, they are developing a 50 kilowatt generator. This engine is designed to convert the mechanical output of the J.I.M.S engine into . The following is a description of the JT-50 generator from the company website.

The JT-50 Generator

Shown here is the JT-50 (prototype). This is the generator unit capable of supplying 50kw of electricity to power homes, small businesses and use also as a portable generator unit.

In production, BB Motor Corp, LLC will produce these units ranging from 50kW to 2000kW. In addition to models for permanent installation there will portable (trailer models) as well.

These units are powered by the J.I.M.S. engine and require no fuel and generate no emissions. 

Below, you will see a chart describing the money they claim an individual could make selling electrical power back to the grid, by using a JT-50 generator attached to a J.I.M.S engine. Please notice how they do not include any fuel cost for the power generated. If this is an ordinary compressed air engine, there would be an energy cost to produce the compressed air needed to run the engine. 


If this technology works as claimed and produces energy at no cost, BB Motor Corp has made a huge breakthrough. I am very curious where the energy comes from to allow the system to self sustain. They do not mention the terms "self sustain" or "closed loop" on their website. But for their technology to be as revolutionary as they claim, it must harvest energy somehow — enough to keep itself running with extra left over for practical use..

There is no mention of how much the engine or generator will cost. However, it is stated the engine is supposed to launch in 2012. The company is interested in selling dealerships so the technology can be proliferated far and wide.

Let's hope this company is telling the truth, and the technology is revolutionary. If this technology is nothing more than just an ordinary compressed air engine, I am personally offended. They should not put the name of Jesus on a product that does not work as claimed. On the other hand, if it works as claimed, I salute their efforts and would like to thank them for developing a revolutionary product.

The company declined Sterling's invitation to do an interview, saying they do not want publicity at this time.

If you happen to get some validation of this company, or otherwise, let us know.

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