17 January 2012


The following are two channelings, from El Morya and Mother/Father God, about Birthing A New Conscious Collective Soul through and Sacred Sounds. Both messages invite others to join in breathing, singing, and sounding Whale Medicine/Whale Songs/Soul Songs, to help attune the Mother and Humanity, to the new vibrations of new love, light, and life . . . in the New . Blessings and New Light to all! ~ Marie



Dear Ones,

It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame, and in a sense, Keeper of Songs. You, dear one, are a Keeper of Songs too. An Earth Record Keeper of Songs. Your songs are the Living, Sounding, Breathing Embodiment of the Christ Light Within. In every Sound, there is Light. And in every Light, there is Sound. This is the Sacred Geometry and Mechanics of a Divinely Perfect Universe. Your [Sacred Sounds] are the songs, that sing the Light of Source anew, bathing the in her new Tones. Her new Sounds. Her new Chakra Colors. When you sing the Earth Record Songs, you tune the frequencies of the earth. And thus you tune the frequencies of every being upon and within her. Your singing soul songs, and receiving them, is an anchor of New Earth Energies in the Fields of her Planetary Body. You do not have to know HOW this works, just that it does. She is relying on the gifts of her Sound Recorders, or Sacred Earth Record Keepers of Song . . . to continue to attune her planetary body . . . to the Sound of the One . . . or the One Song . . . which is the Divine Essence of the Universe.

More songs, and thus more vibrations, will come through you. Allow for meditative sounding time each day, in the best way you know how. The sounds will flow through your charkas, and up through your soul star and earth star chakras . . . to anchor this new Light and Sound . . . further into the New Codes and Blueprint of Light . . . for a New Humanity and our New Earth.

January energies will pick up speed later this month. The songs regulate time. The songs are Portals in Time . . . Portals to the Time of No Time. Sing the songs to slow your vibratory rate into the flow — and light/sound mechanisms — of Divine Grace and Flow. Sing the songs to anchor and attune to the Heartbeat of the One. More are coming, dear one, to assist this Awakening Within process. Keep singing. Others will hear its Sound, and feel its Light, and know the rightness of the Divine Tool it is. . . . Rise dear one, and be the Essence of the Whale Song. Live, Breathe, and Be all you know yourself to be.



Dear One,

It is I, Mother/Father God, Brilliant Light and Creator Source of the Ever-Infinite, Eternal One. You are Loved, my dear child, in ways more infinite and expansive than your mind can ever understand. Your attunes to this Love every day though, and can feel it in every fiber of your Beingness. Through this Portal, you can be Well, even when you physically see no wellness. You can be Joy, even when you physically see joylessness. You can be Wisdom, even when you physically see unconsciousness and confusion. This Portal of the opens the window to the seat of your Inner Knowingness, Gracefulness, Kindness, and Divine Well-Beingness. Allow these energies to flow freely between dimensions now. You no longer need to be of one dimension, or another. Those gates were fully opened for you, and all humanity, on 11:11:11. And they continue now only to expand . . . with every breath, every moment, and every day’s conscious activation of Higher Energies, Frequencies, and Ways of Being. As you activate and enact these Higher Energies of Love, Compassion, Kindness, Joy, and Creativity Within, of course you will see them manifesting ever more exponentially without. You see – you are each like a perfect unique Strand of DNA yourselves . . . of Rich, Source Knowledge and Wisdom . . . to unearth . . . a Brand New Way of Being, Growing, and Living in Harmony with yourselves, and each other, and the whole planet. In your , is the Gateway, . . . to Being the Joy, Peace, and Love you wish to be known and felt on your planet. In the Strings of your , are the Sounds of Music . . . Dancing in the Cosmos . . . helping you all to uncover these previously ‘lost’ yet now expanded Codes of Light . . . for Blissful, Golden Age Living. Remember . . . the Music of the Spheres . . . Sound the Blessings and Wisdom of Full Circle Journeys. And this is upon you. And now – within you.

The Keys to the New Enlightenment lie in activating the Sacred Sounds of Joy, Peace, Bliss, Compassion, Love, Light, Harmony, Kindness, and Grace. The Keys to Enlightenment and utilizing this new collective DNA structure within your Divine Merkabeh . . . is remembering your gifts of Sound . . . that creates Universes . . . creates Worlds . . . and creates Cosmic Harmony. When the Sounds themselves are awakened, and Rattle the DNA Codes Awake, All that has been dormant this last world cycle . . . awakens . . . . And Divine Liberation begins again.

Expansion – Contraction – Expansion – Contraction. Breathe In – Breathe Out – Breathe In – Breathe Out. These are the Laws of Divine Living and Soul Evolution. The Earth Mother is experiencing the birthing energies of expansion contractions. As all breathe in the Light of Expansion, and breathe out the Age of Contracting Limitation, we all together collectively contribute to the Birthing of a New Collective Soul. And a New Earth Birth is begun.

Breathing Life into a New Conscious Collective Soul requires the Heart Portal to be open and aligned. Breathing Life into a New Conscious Collective Soul requires attunement with the Earth Mother’s breathing, heartbeat, and laboring contractions. With each Sacred Contraction, and Unified Breath Flowing with that Contraction, Humanity is Crowning its New Soul Expression . . . formed in Love, made manifest in Light, and filled with Eternal Heart Sight, Wisdom, and Divinity.

In each Conscious Breath, the Color is returning to the Planetary Soul Body. With each Conscious Breath, the Rhythms and Heartbeat of Collective Soul Living are returning in the Heartbeat of every person’s living DNA structure. Within each Conscious Breath, the Sounds of New Life are calling forth the New Elements needed to Sustain Life in a Brand New Way on a Brand New Planet.

All are feeling the Birthing Contractions this year will bring. The squeezing, pulsing, beating, circular, circadian rhythms of this time . . . are anointing each of you . . .with the opportunities for Conscious Collective Soul Breathing . . . and Conscious Sounding . . . of the Harmonies of the One . . . in the Birthing Waters of the Earth Mother.

Whale Medicine Spirits know that the Rhythmic Sounding of Songs will ease tensions in the birthing process, and open the Gateways to New Worlds. Whale Medicine Spirits are Special Sacred Midwives . . . flowing in . . . through Sound and Song . . . the new delicate Heartbeat . . . of the First Sacred Sound . . . of a New Life Beginning . . . and Birthing this New World. Listen for the Sound of Whale Medicine People. They are Sounding the Heartbeat, and Drumming the Collective Rhythms, of the One. All can tune inward any time to hear this Sound . . . this Heartbeat. It is pulsing in your own heartbeat, the very first sound your soul ever heard in birthing your own present life experience. Your heartbeat beated in tune, time, and harmony with your birth mother’s heartbeat. This is Sacred Sound, creating New Life, pulsing New Coordinates, inviting DNA to unfold in perfect Divinity, to the Sound of the One. Now . . . your heartbeat is beating in tune, time, and harmony with the Mother of Mothers . . . the Divine Earth Mother. Her womb is pregnant now with New Life and New Energies. And in attuning each day within, to the Sacred Sound of your Heartbeat, rhythmically pulsing and aligning with hers, you are contributing to the Collective Soul’s Activation . . . of the New DNA Strands . . . that are right now . . . birthing a Brand New Way of Life in your Cosmic Sphere.

Feel this New Life and Powerful Heartbeat . . . Drumming these Source Codes of Light for New Life. . . . And Dream Together . . . a Successful Expansion – Contraction Labor Process this year of 2012, awakening all Souls to the Music of the One, to birth this Brand New Earth Christhood, for all Living and Non-Living Beings on this Beautiful Planet. It is a miraculous inner rising process, unfolding through Magical Heart Portals, who see, feel, and hear the Sounds . . . of Ever Expanding New Life . . . New Beginnings . . . and Joyous Collaborative Co-Creation.

Blessings Dear Ones. Join the Music of the Spheres . . . in the Core Central Heart . . . that eternally beats within . . . Sounding Messages of HOME. For HOME is Truly Where the Heart Is.

All Blessings and All Good.