2 January 2012


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We have a on January 8-9 engaging our conscious awareness to the profound shifts we have made internally deep within Self. Revealed through the external changes we have done through moving, changing jobs, ending relationships and beliefs that no longer serve our life path destiny. Whatever is leaving our lives now and falling by the wayside. We need to let it go. The new that is showing are like tiny rose buds just beginning to bloom and grow. We want to be fearless and embrace 2012 with an open heart, mind and spirit. Allow our new starts to take hold and become strong.

“You can change a great many things. Or you can change.” –Mike Dooley

Cancer is the mothering, nurturing and sustaining sign of the zodiac. Cancer’s key phase is “I feel.” Cancer is the sign of the womb, the house, the home. Cancer is the protecting and covering principal. Cancers have instinctual consciousness. Cancer people live much in their feelings and affections. Cancer like the crab sidesteps issues and problems they do not like to fight or problems head on. Cancers respond to life through their feelings. You cannot reason with them when they are disturbed. It is best to let them calm down and then respond to them. Cancer’s are highly intuitive and psychic and they can find it difficult to separate what they feel from what they think.

They are at the mercy of their moods. The Moon rules Cancer. Each and Full Moon affects them deeply and personally. Cancers are psychic sponges absorbing people’s energies and their environment. Boundaries are very important for Cancers. Negative people and situations can drain them. Cancer’s need to surround themselves with happy positive people in this they too will bloom.

Cancer and the Moon rule the public and the mass consciousness. The mass consciousness is ruled by feeling and never by reason. The greatest need for Cancers is to find their inner center and function from within. The evolved Cancers are compassionate, industrious, sociable, inspiring and protective. The less evolved Cancer’s are argumentative, moody, and play the role of martyr.

Wherever Cancer is found in our natal chart is where we need to ‘nurture’ our growth and development in the house affairs evolved. The Cancer ruled house is where our Zodiac sun sign expresses itself the most—either positively or negatively. The Cancer ruled house is where we are unable to hide our sun sign traits, peculiarities and talent from others, regardless of how secretive we try to be.

All Are One. We all have Cancer/Capricorn somewhere in our natal charts—our personal universe. For instance, are you mature, loving and responsible? This is the positive side of Capricorn its highest expression. Holding onto the old structures for fear of change is a negative expression. Cancer can be the intelligent, kind and empathic mother that knows what her children need to heal and grow. This is the highest expression of Cancer. The immature adult not taking responsibility for his/her choices is a negative expression.

ALL ARE ONE. We all share the twelve signs/ the twelve tribes inside of us for the universe lives deep within Self. Only through Self can we reach nirvana, heaven. You are the sun center of your universe. You are powerful beyond what anyone has ever told you. We are creators. All that you imagine you create. We are creating the New Earth. When we release fear and embrace change miracles happen and new opportunities appear. We awaken to our Empowered Self.

“You are a wonderful gift to this world!” –Ivo/Lisa Dorr

You are creating your reality. I am creating my reality. We are creating our collective reality—the mass consciousness.
What do you want to create in 2012?
Are you ready to be fearless?
Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you?
Are you holding onto the past, the old programs and the fear?
How does this serve you?
How does this empower you?
Does it help you to expand and grow?

The Cancer Full Moon is reminding us that we too need to develop our mothering, nurturing and intuitive side. Additionally, we must balance our responsibilities, duties and obligations (Capricorn Sun) with our inner needs and feelings (Cancer Moon). We want to create balance within Self to meet the demands of our daily lives. Our challenge is to recognize how and when it’s best to move from a subjective personal approach to an objective professional one.

Mercury the now in Capricorn is aspecting all the outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto at the Full Moon. Mercury is stretching us to reformulate our ideas and concepts of reality. We want to stop waiting for the “big changes” to happen externally. In this way, we can see the real changes are small changes. These have already happened inside of us, deep within Self.

Fear of change is a disease infecting many people today. This is holding up our collective ability to move into Fifth Dimension and TRUTH. We must be willing to release the 3D—limitng negative consciousness to live in 5D—expansive higher consciousness. In other words, we cannot be grasping for the past with our fearful left hand and reaching for the future with our hopeful right hand. Doing this creates struggle. We cannot be in the old and the new at the same time. We must choose the new. Choose to release the old and be courageous.

2012 mantra “I create Miracles. All that I imagine I create.”
“I create Miracles.”

Blessings and Abundance,
Kelley Rosano

“You have to find a way to be all right with thriving because you are always going to want to thrive. The economy is moving forward in response to the desires of people. And depriving yourself of something does not make more money for someone else to spend. If there were not people who were purchasing things, then all of the people who are working at manufacturing and marketing them would have to find some other ways of making their living. There are so many people who innately want to thrive, who as soon as they begin thriving a little, begin imposing all of these exterior judgements about how much thriving is appropriate, “It’s appropriate to thrive that much, but not that much.” And you have to ask yourself, “At what point do I lose the balance of thriving?” —Abraham

My gift to you is the coaching tool “Creating 2012″.

Happy New Year!

Astrological Weather Report

Aquarius New Moon January 23, 2012
Mars retrograde January 23, —April 13, 2012
Saturn Retrograde February 7—- June 25, 2012

We can weather this disruptive and transformative energy together!

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