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10 January 2012

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Feng Shui – The oriental art of placement. The is to arrange your living environment so that 'chi ' can flow freely throughout your , by eradicating areas in the where the chi will stagnate and slowing down the speed of accelerated chi. So what I hear you ask has this got to do with Reiki. Well Feng Shui and Reiki both deal with chi and the idea is to apply the principles of Feng Shui to your Reiki practise.

The Basic Principles of Feng Shui – The first thing you have to do is get rid of the clutter. We've all been there hoarding everything just in case, but cluttered surroundings lead to a cluttered life. It is only after removing all the unwanted and unused items from our homes, can we begin with the more particular principles of placement. So are we able to de-clutter our practise of Reiki and what would that feel like. Could we achieve it? Is our Reiki cluttered now? How could we decrease what we do and leave the unnecessary things behind.

Western Reiki – It seems that in the West we live by the premiss the more complicated we make things the better they must be. We tend to introduce rules, restrictions, regulations and dogma, which make things unnecessarily complicated. We seem to believe that by introducing these rules that we will feel safer and more supported. But the fact is the Reiki that was taught and passed on by Usui Sensei wasn't complicated or cluttered at all. It was a profound, simple and elegant and unfortunately over the decades we have drifted away from this simplicity.

The rules and restrictions that we have introduced make us fuss and worry over how we connect to the Reiki energy, hand positions, treating someone, when you shouldn't treat someone, distant healing and so on. All this can be referred to as clutter and we do not need it. To be able to free ourselves of this burden of method, limitation and technique would benefit us greatly. We do not need it and it holds us back from what we are there for, to help heal the patient.

Connection – It depends on the teacher as to how you are taught to connect with Reiki. Some students are so bogged down with processes and ritual given to them to connect with Reiki, that it makes them feel that if they miss one of the stages the connection will not be made.

Connection with Reiki is simply a state of mind. If the intention to connect is there then the connection will be made. For some people the connection will depend on a their hands being in a particular position, e.g. hands to the side with palms facing up, hands in the prayer position, hands above them with palms up to the sky or hands in their lap with palms facing up. They may even say a set of words. But all of this is elective.

Quite simply to connect to Reiki, be still and bring the energy down through your Crown Chakra and bathe yourself with light, flooding the energy through your body. It is a case of immersing yourself, you are connected when you intend to.

Maintaining Connection – Many students are taught that in order to maintain a connection with both Reiki and and the recipient, you must always keep one hand touching, otherwise the connection will be lost and the energy will stop flowing. This is I feel something else that is not necessary. The reason being that your connection with the recipient is a state of mind too. No matter what you are doing with your hands, as long as your attention is focused on the recipient and you merge with them to become one, then the energy will keep flowing. Reiki works just as well if you are working within the aura, even though Reiki is a hands on method.

Hand Positions – Students are taught rigid hand positions. They are told they must use these positions with every treatment. There is a view in some areas that if you are not using the hand positions then you haven't been taught correctly. There are those that have also been taught that you must keep these hand positions for a set amount of minutes and then move on. You can purchase CD's that make a noise when it is time to move on and change hand positions. So in effect you are working like a robot. Just imagine you are treating someone and you feel that you need to stay in that area for a longer time. But you can't because the rigid rules say that you have to move on. How sad is that!

Clearing Out – Feng Shui – So we have seen how Reiki can tie us down and restrict us, by rules, dogma, regulations and restrictions. But how to de-clutter? How to achieve our Feng Shui of Reiki.

Don't worry about the hand positions. Go to where you feel drawn, spend time in that area. Use your intuition when moving around the body and stop where you feel you need to. Use 'Reiji Ho' from , this is where your hands seem drawn by invisible magnets to the areas of need. Leave the rigid standard hand positions behind. Dr. Mikao Usui didn't have any real hand positions, you simply put your hands where they wanted to go.

Distant healing is another area where rules and regulations have crept in. People are taught that they need to say set words in a specific order with certain visualisations or are given long complicated rituals to perform. However again none of this is necessary. As long as you know where the healing is to go and you set your intent for the healing to be sent, maybe use the distant healing symbol-optional and merge with the recipient, the energy will flow. Keep it simple.

The last area where rules and regulations have evolved is that of 'people you should not treat'. People with pace makers, pregnant women, diabetics* and babies to name but a few. These restrictions are absolute nonsense and have no foundation whatsoever. Reiki is safe, divinely inspired, intelligent, is pure unconditional love and is only drawn to the areas of the body where it is needed. With this in mind why is it suggested that Reiki could be harmful in certain situations. It is utter nonsense. We make life complicated and difficult for ourselves by, thinking too much, worrying too much and creating problems where there are none.

In Conclusion – Reiki practised using the first principle of Feng Shui will be simple, free from rules, restrictions and self-imposed limitations. Feng Shui'd Reiki will be free from dogma and free from rules that you must follow at all cost. Reiki will be practised on simple intent and intuition, where you become one with the recipient and let the energy guide you, not the other way round. De-clutter and let the .

It should be noted that some diabetics may experience a short term change in their boll sugar levels after a Reiki treatment. They should be made aware of this possibility and monitor their levels accordingly. In theory the blood sugar levels could be altered long term and therefore their insulin requirements. They should again be made aware of this and monitor blood sugar levels. However this does nor mean that diabetics should nor be treated as is suggested in some cases. It just means that blood sugar levels should be monitored closely before and after a Reiki treatment.

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  1. Nice post, Seth – bringing two of my favourite modalities together!  Useful, thoughtful and thought provoking.  Thanks for sharing.  Oh – and I like this post so much I’m putting it in my top 10 blog post this month!

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