DEMARKANTED – Participation

Put on your favorite or station mute the volume.

Breathe, Still your mind, Know You are One in Unity with this animation, Breathe , your Feelings in your body centered within your heart, feel the love and truth you are build, , Still your mind, Know with your heart all is in perfection, Observe with your heart the more you that which your heart yearns to feel the more amazing and synchronized the animation becomes. Breath, , Feel, Breath Feel.

And just to validate just how your thoughts are, suddenly think a very loud thought in your mind “Screw Up Now” and just that very thing occur. Then begin to your personal mind body balance using these same principles.

I have picked a music track in general for those who have trouble streaming both radio and youtube at the same time. But the same principles and will occur.

Best if viewed by changing the video settings to 720 or even better 1080 and watching in screen mode.