Message from , John the Beloved
Channeled by:
January 18, 2012

Your spiritual and personal life lessons greatly effect your growth in both areas, and the way you choose to respond also determines many things. As you journey through the life that is before you, you also seek harmonious ways to greet each encounter. You have experienced a few dear moments when harmony was not involved and situations got out-of-hand; possibly words being said, thoughts being thought or actions not so loving or Godly. It is during the roughest of times, when you root yourself the hardest and deepest. It is then when you also dig within yourself for every scrap of strength that will lead you out and back onto a more harmonious way of being once again. These bumps on your road require your complete attention and devotion.

The experiences you are working through and the knowledge you are gaining, even if it appears to be minimal is preparing you for other challenges and lessons that are to come. This does not mean every life lesson is going to be difficult. You already know your life is with balance. You experience the good and the bad. You find balance with all that surrounds you. Each time you solve a problem to a difficult situation, you are also creating fresh wisdom, new perspective and more love for yourself. It is so important dear ones, that through the rough times and the great times, that you love yourself. You are very much deserving of love and you are required to always love yourself first To love one’s self in the purest most sacred way, through the heart is not being selfish. When you are able to love yourself purely and unconditionally, you then are able to see the beauty of who you are; with all your little wrinkles, scars (visible or invisible), greying of hair, added weight, etc. When you look into that mirror, you are not only seeing your reflection you are seeing what I see. And what I see dear ones is someone who has persevered, who has great strength and courage, someone is capable of great love, a kind and compassionate soul; I see many wonderful things when I look at you.

I ask of you to look beyond the etches that are on your face from a life that has been filled with lessons. Look at the wisdom you have gained. If you cannot see the wisdom because you have toiled endlessly without picking your head up to notice; notice now. See the beauty. It is time to take notice of YOU. Take notice of what you have gained, be it of skill, Mastery of character traits, abundance of spiritual wealth, a measure of peace of mind, success, and so much more. It is not your items that you have been able to purchase that have created what is inside your heart. God does want you to have the nessetieis that will bring comfort to your life, God also knows what is in your heart is what is at stake and matters the most. Your dear heart is most precious. It is the center of your soul and the place where you are forever linked with God. Every time you pray, speak, manifest or wish, your connection to God and your higher self strengthens. Each thought is heard dear ones.

God is endlessly devoted to you, and he has seen the devotion you have given to each part of your life. He has set before you, many wondrous and harmonious gifts. Subtlety is His way. He lets in a little sun on a cloudy day, He sends forth a gentle breeze to invigorate your senses, a drop of rain off a tree is His reminder he is very close. He bestows upon you and every dear soul that inhabit this fine planet, His unconditional love and generous light that is to be felt and cherished as He cherishes each of you.

Do not give into your sighs too much dear ones. Embrace yourself with loving thoughts that are filled with positive and encouraging words. Say these words aloud if it helps. Take pride in your many achievements. It is okay to show pleasure for what you have gained from your hard work and effort. To watch something grow that you have tended with care, love and devotion is very rewarding dear ones. We encourage you to share, and we do this because when you are able to share what you have accomplished you are increasing your confidence and self-esteem. You are showing others what your self-love has helped you accomplish. This is your own personal awareness of your own abilities dear ones. It is when sharing takes place, that eyes open wider and see their own wisdom. We do enjoy seeing the many “aha’s” that take place and we enjoy seeing the pleasure stretch over your faces when your sharing is kindly accepted by your peers. Every time you devote time to share, you are developing and broadening your already large and loving heart. There is no limit of what you are able to do dear ones, or how far your heart can reach.

I am pleased to have the pleasure to be here speaking through our beloved vessel and to all of you. The gratitude I have for each of you is bigger than the words I am trying to put in motion. We end our discussion today with a gentle colour sensation of ruby and pink rays, warming your senses and filling your mind, body and spirit with uplifting light and love.

And so it is, Ascended Master, John the Beloved through Julie Miller