This past week saw at least 65 stories from 15 dedicated sites and 5 mainstream news sites. Themes included robotics to be employed in the 1 million manufacturing process; considering Cyclone for harvesting E-Cat heat to generate rotational force; an with Edmund Storms; and LENR presentations at the World Sustainable Energy Conference 2012.

engine could be a great match
to harvest the E-Cat heat.

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By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again we bring you a compilation of various news items about Andrea Rossi's E-Cat that have emerged since our January 5 compilation.

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  • Introductions

    • SUGGESTION: All you who are writers, who have a relationship with your local papers, ought to do something like this:
      Guest column: Like Wright brothers, Rossi ahead of his time (by Adrian Ashfield) – Nearly half a megawatt output with no energy input is a staggering success for a system that is still at the model T Ford stage of development. Engineer Rossi developed and built his invention using his own money. For comparison, billions of dollars have been spent on hot-fusion research that has still to generate a net gain in energy. (DelcoTimes; Pennsylvania, USA; January 6, 2011)
    • What is the E-Cat?I’ve been noticing that this site has been getting an increasing number of first-time visitors just lately, and thought it might be useful to repost an article I wrote last year for people who are just learning about Italian engineer Andrea Rossi’s invention. The following information about the E-Cat has been gathered over the… (E-Cat World; January 7, 2012)

  • Products

    • Rossi: Already Started Production of Small E-Cats to Cost $100-150 per kWThis post from Andrea Rossi deserves its own thread. Dear K. Dobrolecki: We must make a distinction between the price of the industrial plants and the price of the domestic plants. For the industrial plants ( the 1 MW plants) the price from 2012 will be around 1,500.00 US$/kW, moreless 10%. The domestic E-Cats of 10 kW will be manufactured with a different technology and with a very good economy scale, due to the fact that we have started the production of 1 million… (E-Cat World; January 6, 2012)
    • In Spite Of Criticism Of Rossi’s Invention, People Still Preorder To Buy E-Cat UnitsAndrea Rossi likes to call them “snakes” or some other names. And when he does so, he does not refer to honest critics and skeptics, who want to believe  (BuyECat; January 6, 2012)
  • Production

    • Clarification from Rossi About E-Cat Production — Robotized Factory Now Being PreparedAndrea Rossi has posted a comment on his JONP which clarifies the scope and schedule of the production of E-Cats Andrea Rossi January 10th, 2012 at 4:05 PM Dear Keith W: We are making the certification . Attention: I did not say that we will begin to deliver in August, I said we can be ready to make order confirmations in Autumn; we are right now making the engineerization of the factory ( the production will be completely robotized to squeeze down the price… (E-Cat World; January 11, 2012) (And ecatnews)
    • Why Rossi’s Fast Track Path to E-Cat Commercialization May Not be ImpossibleAndrea Rossi has been talking in a very ambitious way lately. His plans to launch production with a million E-Cats later this year have taken even staunch LENR and E-Cat supporters by surprise. Designing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing a million units of anything is a huge undertaking — but when you are talking about a world-changing energy technology, it is difficult to see how you can accomplish this in just a few months. Rossi has said that he hopes to start production in the… (E-Cat World; January 6, 2012)
    • E-Cat Motor Heat Pump Is Currently Tested In BolognaAndrea Rossi’s Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device is ready to heat homes. Inventing a home cooling and heating system powered by e-cat motor has always been the dream of the Italian inventor. It looks like the dream will come to reality in the Fall this year. On his blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, Rossi announced […] (ECatMotor; January 9, 2012) (And rossiecat)
  • Credibility

    • The National Instruments/Rossi Connection Strengthens Case For the Validity of E-CatI’ve been thinking about the question asked by Mark Gibbs on the Forbes web site yesterday: why do so many people believe so categorically in the validity of the E-Cat. There have been many well-reasoned responses on the Forbes site, as well as here on E-Cat world. Many people have noted the supportive statements.. (E-Cat World; January 9, 2012) (And rossiecat)
    • Cold Fusion – Voodoo And after put to the stake the researchers? (original in Italian) [Report on conference in Geneva] – While scientists try to understand, test, discuss, challenge some scientifically valuable results achieved by students of the Italian academic world, and while the industry sharpens its focus, some advisers continue to use a method which is far from popular (
    • Why I Believe There is A Coming E-Cat RevolutionThere have been all kinds of opinions set forward on the Internet regarding Andrea Rossi’e E-Cat. Many thoughtful and reasonable comments have been made here and elsewhere expressing doubt about Andrea Rossi’s claims. There have also been less tactful ones. I think I understand people’s wariness and doubtfulness. There are many good reasons not… (E-Cat World; January 10, 2012)
    • Ed Storms Interview

      • The Space Show: Interview With Edmund Storms (TheSpaceShow: January 8, 2011)
      • Dr Ed Storms On LENR: It Will Change Life As We Know ItLong time cold fusion advocate (and now retired Los Alamos scientist) Dr Ed Storms recently gave an interview to Dr David Livingston of The Space Show. On Rossi, he appears to be cautiously optimistic, giving him credit for the series of demos and due regard for the qualified individuals who observed and spoke well of them. He talks in positive terms without endorsing the eCat as a done deal. (ECatNews; January 10, 2012)
      • E-cat: cold fusion will determine the fate of the world's energy. Word of Storms (original in Italian) – The ' Cat-It will change our lives. He is convinced Edmund Storms , Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist now retired, who defended the creation of Andrea Rossi in an interview with David Livingston rilasciarta The Space Show. (; January 11, 2012)
    • NASA’s Joseph Zawodny Believes LENR To Be The Answer, What Role Is Allotted For E-Cat Info?DR. Dennis Bushnell of NASA has already come out with his statement concerning LENR, and so did Dr. Joseph Zawodny, also of NASA. This is what Dr. Zawodny had to say about LENR: “[This] cheap, abundant, clean, scalable, portable source of energy will impact everyone.” That is not to say that he is in support […] (ECatInfo; January 6, 2012)
  • Applications

  • Patents

    • Government Certification is more Urgent than Patent – In his recent blog posts, it is evident that Italian inventor Andrea Rossi is more interested in getting the Rossi energy catalyzer device government certified for safety than getting the worldwide E-Cat patent. This is because he is getting ready to sell the energy catalyzer devices even without a worldwide E-cat patent. (ECatPatent; January 9, 2012)

Not an E-Cat; Credit: Forbes
  • Commentary

    • The E-Cat: Real or Surreal? – According to a poll last week, those who believe the E-Cat is real, and those who don't are nearly evenly split. "So, tell me: If you voted 'yes', what is the basis of your belief?" (Forbes; January 8, 2012) (And and ecatinfoand andrearossiecat)

      • Validity of the E-Cat Reaffirmed – It is worth noting that, among them, there have been a number of scientists, engineers and reporters who have given supportive statements regarding the E-Cat. And these are the people who have observed and examined the energy catalyzer device during Rossi’s various demonstrations. The data coming from these demonstrations has also added to the validity of the energy catalyzer device technology. (ECatReport; January 11, 2011)


Conference venue

  • General Cold Fusion

    • Francesco Celani's Lecture

      • Download: Celani_WSEC2012_Presentazione.pdf (3 Mb) – Progress, in the Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, on excess energy production: towards practical applications? by Francesco CELANI; National Institute of Nuclear Physic, Frascati National Laboratories; Vice-President of International Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science; World Sustainable Energy Conference 2012 –International Sustainable Energy Organization; Geneva, January 10-12, 2012
      • Even Francesco Celani of the WSEC 2012 (II) (Original in Italian) – Francesco Celani has authorized me to anticipate that an announcement of Geneva will be of great scientific value. (22passi; January 6, 2012)
      • Still kind of details Celani (Original in Italian) – The discussion becomes more technical (22passi; January 7, 2012)
      • Another email from Francesco Celani (Original in Italian) – As in the past between Celani and Rossi sparks fly, and that ultimately they are competitors (outside of their mutual esteem), I emphasize that I am giving him space, I feel obliged, at a great scientist of the National Laboratories of Frascati between two days will speak at WSEC 2012 in Geneva.. (22passi; January 8, 2012)
      • Celani, Piantelli Geneva LENR PresentationsFrancesco Celani is a colourful and respected character in the evolving LENR scene. An experienced nuclear physicist, it was he who tried to sneak a peek at the radiation spectra during the January 2011 eCat demo before Rossi stopped him. An offer to test the eCat in… (ECatNews; January 9, 2012)
      • Celani Group Zeroes in on LENR Markers, Mechanism – Italian scientist Francesco Celani states that he and his research group have observed some interesting experimental evidence that may lead to a better understanding of the mechanism, stability and repeatability of the LENR phenomenon using copper-nickel alloys. (E-CatSite; January 6, 2012)
    • Cold Fusion Talk Spreads Across the Web – Below I have included a list of referrers to this site (other sites that have included a link to an article or information on e-Cat Site) over the last 30 days. (E-CatSite; January 11, 2012)
  • Missed Last Week

    • E-Cat household fusion still sketch, may be in Home Depot in 2012 – If the E-Cat is everything it claims to be, it has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry. But it's awfully strange that the people behind E-Cat have been so reticent to allow comprehensive scientific testing, and usually what that means is that there's something fishy going on. (DVice; January 4, 2012)

Not Andrea Rossi

Well, not all things "Rossi" are Andrea Rossi, I found from clicking on a ad on one of these pages labeled "Rossi Files", which took me to a page about Maria Rossi, the possessed lady in the upcoming movie The Devil Inside. I knew that Rossi is a very common name in , but now there will be even more mentions in the news thanks to this unsavory horror flick.

And speaking of heads up about things not Rossi, I should mention that the website likes to write as if "ECatHome" is synonymous with Andrea Rossi's authorized E-Cat. It's blatant counterfeiting. Similarly, the site talks as if they are the original source and originator of the information they are merely regurgitating from other sites talking about the E-Cat. It's almost funny.

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