Ascended Master, ’s Weekly Message ~ January 17 – 24, 2012
Channeled by:
January 17, 2012

Each day brings new and rekindled beloved ones. Your journey never ceases even while asleep. Not to worry what you do not remember, your subconscious does and the memories made while sleeping will remain stored until you require the information they hold. As your journey continues, so does your never-ending opportunity to bring forth . This must start with you. The world does not all at once, but with each individual that calls Earth home. is not something that can be done with a quick thought, glance or sudden motion. requires deep thought, love, acceptance, and purity of just to name a few. When you make a point to even one small detail about yourself that you have discovered from looking within, the world around you also changes. Do not always look with your eyes for the obvious. Look with your heart dear ones.

The path you are on will bring you to great peace, harmony and joy that is filled with incredible Light and Love from God. To reach this light beloved ones, first you must recognize the darkness that resides within you. You are a combination of many things beloved ones, including the shadowy darker side contributes to your Creative Being. All that you are requires balance. And once your darkness that is individual to you is dealt with, cleared and reduced then you are able to walk into the Light with clear eyes that hold no doubt; only assured knowing of yourself and of God.

Many of you are already working on clearing away their darker thoughts that carry low negativity and past situations that were put on a back shelf. And this clearing gets done throughout your journey. Once you have felt the warmth of God’s Love and His Light touch your heart, you will want to always bask in His glory. You will become devoted to God and you will find an increasing Power grow within your hearts that will enable you to move forward with success. God gifts you many times in many ways that are subtle. The Hope and Faith that awakens with you each new day is a reminder of God’s love to you and the journey you are on that will reach you to perfect unity with your heart and with God.

The incredible journey you are on does not discriminate what religion you follow; the path you are on is one that encourages you to listen to your heart, to live with love and act with compassion and kindness in all of many aspects of your daily life. Within each of you beloved children is a beautifully decorated . Within this are many jewels; with colours of the rainbow. And it is you beloved ones that nourish and build this . Every time you achieve a new height in your spiritual awareness and development and gain mastery of a specific attribute you are adding more to your . You are beginning to attract abundance which comes in many forms. Abundance, many think of in monetary terms. Abundance is around you. Every time you pray to God, to the Universe or to whom you pray to, you are being heard ABUNDANTLY well. You must remove all blockages to allow ABUNDANCE to freely flow to you. Each step you take on your journey brings you closer to a deeper and more fulfilling spiritual richness. You will begin to attract like-minded people into your lives as you become comfortable within your newly developed awareness. Your growth, both spiritually and personally will never cease. You will peak, plateau, you will have dips from time to time. How you react to each one will determine what requires a deeper look and how you are progressing. Embrace each new occurrence with gratitude. Move along your journey at a pace that is comfortable to you; find flow with your efforts.

Never fear the darkness that may be lurking in unsuspecting places when you take the time to discover more about yourself. Accept this darkness as a learning opportunity to turn what is negative into a positive. If you come to a place and you feel you cannot go further, reach for God’s Light. Call upon his service more often, accept Him as the Divine Father He is and allow His Light to ILLUMINATE a path for you that will lead you back to his heart that will forever link you to Him. Have Faith that He will be there and will never leave you. Neither will I if you call beloved ones.

I know there has been so much for you to work through. I have sat beside you, comforted while you cried and your heart ached. It is then when invoking the Violet Flame becomes important and necessary beloved ones. Make use of this Flame more often. It will heal and transmute any darkness remaining from past situations you have cleared. The Violet Flame will nurture your heart, body and soul, its flame will never be extinguished; it lives on to nourish and heal each and every lovely dear soul that calls for it.

When you go about making changes that will effect the way you live, changes that will bring about newer ways of thinking and acting with Love and Light into every aspect of your life, you are making a subconscious statement beloved ones. You are telling the world, showing the world the good you can do. One small effort creates great movement that is felt throughout the universe. Inside each of you is the power and the potential to CREATE a better and more loving existence. Can you feel your energy? You surge with electrifying synergy; a combination of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Eagerness, Adaptability, Faith, Hope, Patience, , Courage and so much more. I encourage each of you to look within yourself, ask yourself many life changing questions that are of the highest of good and listen to your heart dear ones. You will be answered and you will be guided. Some answers come quickly, some will take time.

Our time together on another delightful Tuesday has reached an end. I will resume our discussion in a few days beloved ones. Always walk in the Light of God and of , His beloved Son. Find hope in their love and Faith in their devotion to all of you.

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller