31 December 2011


Dear Ones,

It is I, El , Keeper of the Golden Flame. A is unfolding One . . . in the and the Year. You have known and experienced more of what the Now feels like, and the gifts that an eternal present can bring. This Timeline is a key and organizer of the Energies for the Earth. For in its essence, is the Grace of Wholeness, Oneness, and a Sense of All and Awe . . . All in One. The energetic timeline of No Time brings all energetic focus to Now. So that Now is all there is, and Now is All That Is. As more people on the earth settle into the Timeline, they will see, feel, and know more of their direct impact on all things. Every thought, feeling, and action has a very pregnant effect on all in that precious moment. And that is birthing this Year’s Eve . . . to be known in the Hearts of Many. Everything will come to matter, in the world of matter, at the deepest energetic levels. The Time of No Time brings this essence and organization to the paradigm shift, as a catalyst in the awakening process, and as a nourishment . . . from . . . that energetically supports . . . those who see it . . . as well as those who don’t. The energies of the New Timeline are ascension energies, for every being will be rising . . . as if . . . in your world . . . way above sea level . . . to float, live, and be . . . in a new atmosphere at higher altitudes . . . of Peace, Joy, Collaboration, Communication, Truth, Transparency, and the Greater Good for All. It is an Essence of Higher Sound. Higher Light. Higher Love.

Allow this New Cosmic Timeline to create the Rising of Humanity. Embrace it as another Gift and Miracle of Source, nourishing the change that is so imminent, but as yet unseen by many. It will be felt . . . to be known. Like a Wave of Exponential Understanding, it will fill every Heart on the Planet, and the Clock of the New Earth will have turned the Hands of Time . . . to be . . . Love, Joy, Grace, Oneness, Peace, Compassion, Collaboration, and the Global Good for All at every hour. You will no longer read numbers to know Time. You will feel Source Essence expanding in your days . . . appreciating the Sun’s position in the sky . . . as an Eternal Timeline . . . of the Light that has always been . . . and will always be. You will track or remember your days not by a sense of manual, numbered hours, but by the amount of Grace and Light expanded and experienced each day.

Yes – indeed – a New Earth is opening and expanding for All . . . in this New Timeline . . . of 2012. All in Spirit celebrate with you the Shift in Outer World Perceptions to the Grace of Inner World Knowingness. That is the New Light, the New Love, the New Essence and Expansion of the . Of the New Year. Of the New All That Is.

Blessings Dear Ones! We love and embrace you, in this rising of the Eternal Sun Within! Namaste.