9 January 2012

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of

is rarely easy. Even when the desire or need for comes from deep within, it is almost always accompanied by some discomfort or irritation.

Sometimes you feel the itch, so to speak. Sometimes others get the rash. However, most of the time both parties feel some kind of unease.

As We have written before, a lot of people in your life love/like you just the way you are – well, most of the time – and your personal acts of change, may require them to do some changing of their own. And they are resisting such a personal transformation with all their might, even when they are unhappy with their lives. Known unhappiness feels safer than anything unknown or unseen. Even when that thing is sheer joy.

Exploring your own is the most frightening adventures of them all, because your only companion for most of the voyage is your own being.

And while you think you know why you embark on a journey, the end result may impress your beyond your wildest dreams. Yet, you are so proud and amazed by yourself that you embrace any future change that presents itself to you with open arms and a warm smile.

For instance, would you believe it if We told you the sought out healing from her main to get rid of her insomnia. That was her only goal. Mind you, the first session turned out to be about something else, indirectly linked to her insomnia, yes, but something much bigger. She is still surprised she opened up to a virtual stranger (at the time) like that. Becoming our was the furthest thing from her mind, for all she wanted was a good night's sleep.

So changing one infinitesimal part of her life, ended up changing her whole world in more ways than one. The key was her willingness to change. Whatever she had done in the past had not worked. Somehow, she recognized that man she had never met before and knew she could trust him.

On a different level, if you were used to always say yes to all the requests of others, no matter the personal cost to you, it may take the people around you a few nos to start realizing you mean business. For hearing a no from you, might be challenging, even if it was well-known to them you had a tendency to neglect your own being. Although, might We had, people often commented among each other that you were an easy target if you will.

Just to be clear, We are talking about personal change that affects only you directly. We are not talking about deciding on your own to move your entire family to Timbuktu without consulting anybody else that will be directly impacted by your decision.

Earthlings are the most peculiar beings. Fortunately, things are changing… (smile).

For instance, even if your friends lamented between themselves that you lacked a spine or boundaries – when you were not around, they may be your biggest obstacles, if only for the reason that they benefited from your "weaknesses", flaws or "areas of improvements". They do want you to better yourself AND probably want you to make an exception when it comes to them. Your periods of change may be extremely conflicting for others around you. Please give them time to adjust to the new you and issues that brings to their surface.

But that state of mind is usually temporary. When they realize you are serious and committed, they do start rooting for you, even if they feel they are losing something.

So many of you want things to be different, strive for great change in your personal life and in society. Often knowing what feels right and true for you is not enough. Especially when your truth contradicts societal norm or silent rules.

May We recommend patience and a slow pace. Most of you are better at maintaining a pace when you tackle one thing at a time.

As We just said, that is what tends to work for most people, but not all. In all instances, knowing yourself well will be the key to your success. After all, what others think of you does not matter. Sure, they may think you are crazy, but if you are doing something your way, you are light years ahead of all the people who are waiting to figure things out to get to work.

The Messenger tends to implement huge changes swiftly or, as you say "cold turkey". That works for her because she lets things simmer for a while before acting on anything. It may appear like a sudden change, but it's not. There is a lot of evaluation and research beforehand, and when she sees in which direction she should be heading, she just does it, even if that involves completely reinventing specific aspects of her life.

We could say that all the soul searching she does in private helps her see the whole picture.

Being stubborn (or determined/committed) does help. For people like the Messenger, implementing change slowly is like removing a band-aid (bandage) a hair at at time, it is excruciating, so "sudden" change makes perfect sense for them. It is virtually painless.

Still, like We said, what may appear sudden to their surrounding usually involves careful study, it is just that most often, the "sudden changers" keep such reflection to themselves, because they know people will try to discourage them or "talk sense" into them.

If you fall into that category, once you have determined what is right or best for you, you see no value in playing around with the puck if you will, you just shoot because you know you will score. (We apologize for the hockey reference.)

Even if others think you are shooting blindfolded.

Everybody is different. One great thing We have noticed, is that more and more, you are okay with that.

Stopping to try to be like everybody else or please everybody else lifts off a lot of pressure off your shoulders. Sure, society, your friends and family may still strive for sameness and urge you to be the same, but you will be okay with both you standing out in a crowd and others doing everything in their power to blend in.

You will accept that because you know that both are doing what feels right for them at the moment. The key is feeling comfortable with your choices and respecting the choices of others.

Life in body is hard enough as it is, there is no need to engage in futile battles.

People may think you are crazy. Let them. While they may be wondering what is going on with you, they may also be secretly envious.

Not necessarily because they would like to do what you are doing, but because you have the guts to do it.

Allowing your true self to shine takes courage, no matter what is your preferred approach to change.

If you see change that needs to be implemented, do it your way. Be it slow and steady, "all or nothing" or anywhere in between.

Your world will not change by itself. It will transform one person at a time.

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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