Message from the
Channeled by:
January 07, 2012

it is time to look at the direction in which you are heading both spiritually and personally. There is never a right time or a wrong time, it is when it’s right for you, and you will know this as it happens. Your awakening to the Light of God has brought you far and through many obstacles and you have moved passed each one with your own personal Force of Determination. Without even knowing it, you have discovered that the I AM presence exists in every life form, not only human. You are starting to see with clear eyes and you KNOW where you want to go. You only need an action plan to reach those goals. And you have already been thinking randomly about which of action to take that will direct your journey more specifically. Every action you take Beloved , are encouraged to be of Pure Intent that is filled with your unconditional .

Your I AM Presence has always been with you and it has never imposed anything on you other than LOVE; as the I AM Presence is LOVE and fills your , body and soul with LOVE at any given time you absorb the Light and Love of God into your whole being. As you are filled with His love, at the same time you are sharing this LOVE and Light with others. This is by no surprise dear ones. One action of good, feeds another to do the same and so on; something of a domino effect except no one is to fall down at the end, you only continue to climb in your awareness, spiritual development and devotion to God and the power that lies within each of you to do ALL THINGS good and with love.

The path you are on right now, this part of your journey still has more in-store for you Beloved Hearts. Many dear souls are recognizing many low energy symptoms that are creating blockages for their continued growth and achievements. The sparkling blue belt that I shine and anchor the world with can also be reached by you. By using decrees, I will come forth and I will help guide you to ways that meant for your individual needs to clear away those blockages and steer you back on course of your journey. During the clearing of any blockages that have been making progression difficult, I will protect you within my powerful light with the love that comes from me and the entire universe. I would like to remind you Beloved Hearts, that there is never a part of your journey when you have to go-it-alone.

By tapping into your own power and seeing the love that lies there and the power of that love that is also shared with God, you will come to realize the importance of utilizing your I AM Presence in ALL you do. The I AM Presence dear ones is our dear God in action in all you do; in thought, in your actions and in words when spoken. You will discover when being God-like, a whole new YOU emerges, replacing the older you with newer and loving ways that will benefit all that you are in contact with. This way of being is part of the change to come not just to yourselves but to the world as a whole.

With your help from already mastering Loving Unconditionally you will be able to show others by example of your own experiences. You have gathered so much Divine Wisdom Beloved Hearts and this wisdom is to be shared as often as possible. You are not only students of the Universe you are also teachers. And you will teach what you have mastered and know without any hindrance from the Ego. When you take the step forward to teach another, teach Beloved Hearts without judgement and opinions. Teach for the sake of love and for guiding others as simply as it is. It is not hard Beloveds to support another Lightworker, friend or family member with non-biased information.

If you are unsatisfied with how things are spiritually and/or personally do not waste your on self-pity any longer than you deem necessary. There is no such thing as mistakes Beloved Hearts. Any part of your life, spiritual or otherwise that you consider a mistake is a LESSON. Look at it very closely, dissect it. See the entirety of the lesson and LEARN. Take back your power to what is holding you back. Your mighty I AM Presence, if you embrace it with open heart and open mind will help you to manoeuvre passed any disharmony that you may be feeling in your life. With the use of the nurturing you have combined a very powerful force within each of you that is driven by the Unconditional Love of God’s own heart. He will shine his brightest light on any dark corner you find yourself in and work within your heart center that is forever connected with His.

I would like to conclude today’s discussion through this dear vessel, encouraging you to continue moving forward at your own pace; one step at-a-time. You have before you many blessings and miracles given to you every single day; they are gifts from God. Take these gifts; embrace them as we of the Divine embrace each of you.

And so it is, The Great Divine Director through Julie Miller