23 January 2012


Weather Report Number Forty-Nine
Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms
for January – April, 2012

(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly
encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2012 first. We have included a great deal of
information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We
will not repeat that information.) *** http://childrenoflight.com/overview_2012.htm

We have reached a time that has received more attention than any other year we could mention… a year of major prophecy and change.

"The end of the world" as we have known it… What does that mean? it is a time when energetic shifts, as well as the transition of cycles will create more transformation, endings and beginnings, than anything we have ever known.

2012 is being called a Year of Prepration for Service (as you move through Disillusionment into Enlightenment) by Archangel Gabriel.

In the Overview of the Year, we have talked about the three quadrants (four-month segments) of the year. This channeling will be about the first four months of the year specifically.

"Dearly beloved, Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and we are most joyful to be in your divine presence!

This will be a time of letting go of the old idea that the "source" of reality is outside yourself.

The first four months will be a PURIFICATION process, where you will be developing SELF-…through the opening of the first four gateways of the heart, as they connect into the lower chakras ( centers) of your bodies.

The first gateway, located at the base of the sternum, will focus on the release from judgment into an evaluation and discernment with conscience… releasing duality within the self.

As the heart begins to influence in the opening of these gateways, for the of the soul in the physical world, there will be a purification process.

The first gateway will help you develop the revelation of the creative force of love through the freedom of choice. This is what allows the universal Godmind to be integrated and fulfilled in the physical.


you will move from judgment, out of good/bad, right/wrong and reward/punishment into a freedom of choice. Discerned choice, through the influence of the first gateway of the heart.

You are continuing to transform duality, the opposition of two sides, through the myth of right and wrong. As you do this, you will begin to learn to love the Self in a way you never have.

This means that you will be challenged to look at your judgments of Self at this time, as you open to the love force in the heart. The contrast will bring up the illusions of self, as seen through judgment.

You will be asked to take responsibility for this power, as you prepare for the love force to be integrated in your body.

This will be a process of learning, develop and expansion into more and more of who you are in reality. This can be a very rewarding month, if you free yourself from what comes up.

This is held in place by thinking you must look for love outside yourselves, as if you are not already loveable and sacred. Being able to develop a conscience within freedom of choice requires taking responsibility.

The development of a conscience says I must take responsibility for my choices and their impact… This will take place through trial and error, knowing that you make mistakes. You can redeem the mistakes by making new, informed choices.

You always have many choices available in every moment. Every time you take an action, you have available any number of choices. The old myth is that there is only one right choice and all other choices are wrong.

Whereas, the deeper truth is that you must make the choices that are appropriate for what you are focused on and attempting to create and accomplish or discover.

Understand, dear ones, that in reality there is no right or wrong. Simply choice without judgment.

Don't look at mistakes as bad, wrong or shameful… but rather an opportunity to learn more about choices and what serves you. This is your ability to discern and fine-tune.

What works best for you in THIS moment, at THIS stage of your life?

This is a time to refine your choices, which requires that you move beyond the judgment of right and wrong, which is based on fear, not love.

This allows you to move through remorse for mistakes that affect others or do not serve in the long run… but does not require guilt and shame and judgment.

You can also practice forgiveness for the choices you make that have impacts that are negative or limiting. You also need to practice forgiving others for their learning curves as well. This is the development of a conscience.

Always ask yourself what choice you would want others to make if you were in the other shoes… The effect is not always so clear, but it will at least impact your willingness to discern and consider. Evalue, choose, learn and grow. This will allow the development of the first gateway of the heart, grounding it into the 1st chakra at the base of the spine, integrated into your physical reality.

When you approach your lives without judgment and take responsibility for your choices with conscience, you will be much more prepared for self-love. Compassion and empathy will develop, as you see yourself in another and others in you.

When you discern that someone else is making a conscious choice to impact you negatively, you will also feel clearer to stand up and set boundaries about what is acceptable. This is a part of your personal power.

It is also important to understand that most of the time people are not making choices that are "about you." They are simply acting from their present state of conscious development and conscience. Forgiving is much easier when you realize that others act out of unconsciousness that has an impact, the same way that you have done in your various stages of development.

Self-love and compassion will then become deeper compassion for others.

These first four months are mostly about YOU, learning about your own patterns and choices… and the encouragement to set yourself up well, within self-value.

Development of conscience gives you more choices and power and freedom to move in the ways that set you up well. You will not worry so much about "should's" or what someone else might think about you. You will be taking responsibility for the choices that set you up well.

Within that, it is important to acknowledge yourself when you make choices that work well. And when you make a mistake, acknowledge yourself for being willing to choose and to learn and to adjust and improve.

This will allow you to act through the TRUTH of who you are, which will inspire others in the long run as well.

There will be some symptoms as things shift energetically at this time. There will be shifts in the first chakra at the base of the spine, which will bring up your survival issues… the belief that "life acts upon ME."

You will move out of that survival consciousness into creator consciousness through new discernment and conscious choice. This will create an awareness of blockages in the genital and anal region. This will impact your digestion at times, as well as with release of waste.

Sometimes it will be diarrhea and sometimes it will manifest as constipation.

in the legs and hips will be common at this time. You may rushes of heat in the lower body, as well as little pains, as energy tries to move through the blockages.

As energy from the heart moves down, it will entrain the denser energies to the surface to be released. This may create sexual urges that are unusual as well.

You may also feel a desire to reveal more about yourselves than you have felt safe to share before. This will take place as you become more aware of yourself. Sometimes this will involve primitive parts of your lifetime, such as from childhood and infancy.

Dreams may come up concerning this early part of your life as well. It is all imprinted as a holograph in various levels of consciousness in your bodies.

As you look to the world, there will be lots of survival issues in the larger systems, such as in your governments and social systems.

More and more people will develop dis-ease and physical challenges in the lower body as well, particularly if there are major blockages and issues that have not been faced. It is so important to do inner work, as you prepare to assimilate more and more of these higher energies.

The world will continue to face protests, which come up from survival issues being triggered, such as "Occupy Wallstreet." People are tired of operating in the fear of survival…

This is permeating the whole at this time.


Even though the first FOUR months all concern the first gateway, you will begin to introduce the first connection of the 2nd gateway and the 2nd chakra (emotional body).

This is an encouragement to move out of attachments in your life into true CONNECTIONS. Emotional attachments versus the ability to truly connect in equal value.

Attachments come from the fear of unmet needs that leave you looking outside yourselves. However, as you connect more to self, you are able to let go of the outer expectations and attachments… to move into a more connection and value.

When the chakras are used in a linear form, you send out chakra "cords" that push and pull on others, trying to get love or approval, etc… This is because most people have not established a self-love that trusts value.

When you begin to shake this up, you will see all of the ways that you have been attached outside yourself, to people and situations, where you try to control to "get" love and reassurance.

As you make more connections to your own feelings, you can resolve the fear and shame that have held you in survival consciousness.

Your emotional is what you are being asked to learn to love in this month. Learning to nurture and to respond to the old attachments is vital for this transformation… so that you can move into the balance of giving and receiving, trusting love, from a foundation of self-value.

The second month will encourage a balance and exchange with others. You will begin to see more and more, by how you are in touch with your feelings on the inside or not, how to connect and be reflected in the world around you.

You can feel more genuine connections, if you choose to follow the energetic encouragement. You will start to see how letting go of the old attachments serves you. You will certainly see if something outside yourself is perceived as the 'source" of your well-being… that you hope will provide a feeling for you.

As you learn and grow, you will let go of the old ways of attaching, to create more meaningful trust and connection, if you so choose consciously. You won't need to "demand" the someone else fulfill you.

Everything in February will be about relationship. It will end certain relationships that truly do not serve you… such as relationships that are not about mutual value and investment. When there is not mutual willingness, there will be a greater tendency to let go.

Sometimes it will be YOU who has been attached, who needs to make the balancing adjustments.

All of this activity may create some extreme emotional swings, depending on how integrated and at peace you are already in your emotional body. If you have done a lot of internal nurturing and resolution, it will be more subtle.

Physical symptoms will create shakeups again in the digestive system and lower back. Stomach issues may get exacerbated, even with pains that are made apparent if there are blockages that need to be released. The energy will move through, moving these blockages as best it can.

You may experience some nausea or even an emptiness, as you go through the letting go process. As you connect more emotionally, you may feel more fullness as well!

As these energies move down, you will feel more activity in the sternum and center chest. You may feel some pulsations or heat, as well as rushes of energy. It can be a strange feeling, sometimes accompanied by a pressure feeling.

The world will see more emotional upset. You will see it within structures and forms, as these energies are involved in the manifestations of your lives.

There will continue to be a re-structuring of everything in your world, as a new Ray of Consciousness (the Ceremonial Order of Magic) begins to penetrate and balance structures. In the first month, it will be physical structures and in this month more emotional structures that are the focus.

You may start to feel more connection to Self… which enables you to connect to the world around you more fully. It may be simple things, such as being "moved" and connected by choices that you see taking place around you.

Connection will create a sense of deeper fulfillment than you have ever imagined through attachments and yearning after what is missing. It allows you to see the beauty in things instead.

comes from a conditioned idea that identifies something outside of you as the source, which can never allow you to be at peace.

As you make connection, you also start to move from the ego, sympathy and co-dependence into true compassion and integrity. From that space, you can experience a full, emotional experience with it all. Out of this space comes enlightenment.

This will, of course, require disillusionment of all that is stuck in attachment. For instance, with the protests that are taking place, there is attachment and blame at the present stage of the awakening.

The wounded child is standing up and saying, "You cannot treat me this way any more!" However, protest is not a solution… and peace will only be found in offering solutions. Blame is not helpful. However, you are likely to see a lot of it in this month of February.


This month involves the 3rd chakra and the lower will being transformed. You will move from DESIRE to TRUE WILL-ingness.

This is also the mental identity, which has been held captive to the ego defense system for the most part. You will see a lot of disillusionment in March, at how you have been giving your will away and NOT being the source of your own passion.

It is important to discern how you are focusing your passion, for manifestation in the physical.

As the 3rd gateway opens, which has to do with moving from desire to TRUE WILL, which is the passion for create revelation of all your talents and abilities in action and manifestation. This will help you develop a trust in your true identity, not the mental illusion of who you thought you "should" be or had to be in order to be loved.

The death of the desire nature, if replaced with a deeper investment in Self, will allow you to even wonder why the old agendas had seemed so important to you.

Old beliefs will come to the surface at this time. Deeper truths may find them amusing or even shocking. However, the higher will of the soul is beginning to come in and it will make it easier to make peace with letting go.

As you learn to direct the TRUE WILL in a more specific way, with choices and discernment, you will develop a stronger ability to move into your intentions and sustain your intentions than before… to bring something into manifestation in a more fulfilling way.

You will also begin to experience the knowledge and experience of, "I am the source that set this into motion and brought it towards fruition."

You will be amazed at how you have always used desire to think that someone else was responsible for your well-being.

The lower self/ego has been based upon the artificial self that a child created, when splitting off from the authentic self out of fear and shame. You will now begin to go back and gather pieces of the authentic Self. You will let go of more and more illusions.

In your astral body, the old thought forms are dying away, as the soul light begins to penetrate that astral body. The divisions in the levels of consciousness are being burned away.

Your will can now become directed by an intuitive knowing, which will begin to penetrate more fully in February. This can be quite pleasing and surprising as it shows hints of what will become more possible.

This will continue to open the gifts of the sixth sense… clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and even telepathy. If this does not happen yet, do not worry. This is the direction in which you are all heading.

Continuing to do the inner transformation of the old wounded paradigm will make this more and more possible.

You may feel out of control a great deal as you move through these transformations. If you stay present and allow yourself to merely feel the feeling of "out of control," you will see that you are much safer than you had guessed from the conditioned way you have always fought the feeling.

As you do, you will find yourself building a deeper ability to stay "in charge" in your life. Control was always a false sense of power, which was mostly fear with an agenda.

True power involves taking charge and responding to life. Ownership of your freedom of choice without judgment. Evaluation and discernment as you move into deeper truth and passion for life.

You may also go through a period of mourning as you let go of the old, as well as a sense of remorse for how you have "misused" your talents and abilities within control and agenda and yearning and manipulation.

There will be a lot of "exposure" coming up, where distortions in worldwide systems are revealed in disillusionment. This is a part of people waking up to how it was unwise to "count on" these outer things to determine their well-being, without having to use discernment and the power of Self.

This will lead to more inspiration and power and passion and freedom, with a willingness to claim the ability to take charge of your lives, moving into solutions.

For souls who are not very advanced, this can all be quite hard hitting. As you let go of the old false identity, people will not know what to do or what to replace it with. This may end up with more people taking their lives, as they don't know how to handle things "heating up" with these higher energies.

You will see a greater manifestation of the planet dividing into thirds. One third will fight as hard as they can to hold on to the survival paradigm. The second third will be those who are committed to creating a soul-connected reality, building a new sense of Self connected to the inner core.

The last third will be leaving the planet. They are typically younger souls who don't know how to deal with the heat in the kitchen. They will leave the planet and will come back again as things on the planet become more settled and they are prepared to continue evolution in this way.


This will be the month that opens the fourth gateway in the heart, which involved FORGIVENESS and ACCEPTANCE.

This will inspire a greater balance of giving and receiving. There will also be a more developed ability to let go of the old and "move on" into the new that you intend to manifest.

As the heart begins to be impacted in this way, there will be a re-evaluation of any areas where you still hold unforgiveness or non-acceptance. It is important to face this and clear it.

This is about learning to create a place of neutrality. The love force requires the space of neutrality to be able to come forth as the . This is a vital concept for you to consider.

This will be the first time that you will be activating the first four archetypes of the Divine Mind, that involve the love force itself. This is awakened when there is a space of acceptance, a neutral space from your core.

This will allow you to be more neutral, as you have faced the other gateways. And this will then allow you to utilize the power of these lower gateways more fully.

This is the place between giving and receiving… the space between the proton and the electron, where the creative of love brings about the evolution of all that is.

It is a space of letting go… You have an idea and send it out as a mental thoughtform. This creates a blueprint in the astral. You must be willing to let it go to gather energy and have its synergy.

The love force will allow you to move into the womb space of creation, bringing the cycle of life into fulfillment and realization.

This is a time of preparation for becoming manifestors in a bigger way. All that has been faced and refined will allow this process to accelerate. The focus now is on forgiveness and acceptance.

Imagine being in a place of acceptance, through compassion, for all living things in their individual differences. Imagine seeing it as a perfect part of the creative force that includes you. And you can use it and learn from it, all as a great gift to show you the miraculous possibilities of life.

Everything outside you is trying to show you something about yourself! As you integrate it and accept it as necessary, you will grow in your potential.

Inspiration, Revelation, Expression and Experience are the first 4 archetypes of the Godmind.

April will be a month of penetration of inspiration that comes through waking and dream states. Revelation will take place as the light goes on from within. Expression of your awakening self, with your talents and abilities will then be inspired. The Experience in manifestation will bring it into a first completion.

The possibilities of beginning to be in charge, to activate that with specific choices and actions, based upon your forgiving and accepting presence. Unforgiveness keeps you in the limitations of the past, looking for someone else to change before you can move on.

This comes from an outer focus. As you move inward the place of true power, you free yourself into a whole new arena of choices. This will create an expansion in the heart chakra, which will start as pressure. Energy will ripple through this part of your body.

You may feel tightness or even some pains here. Make sure to breathe deeply and apply your other tools that we have shared over the years to work with this opening.

You may feel heat and other symptoms here.

For those who are not doing work, there may be a large acceleration in heart issues. No one is untouched by these evolving energies, which encourage you to respond and grow and move into wiser choices.

The issues in the world of unforgiveness will become more blatant, as you see what no longer works accelerate. There will be a breakdown in some ways… and there will be an inspiration to respond and seek a deeper acceptance of one another in other cases.

This is all in place to inspire a communion of souls. You now have a global community, first inspired by the internet. However, global connection is becoming apparent in more ways… such as through your financial structures. Those who are not willing to move into more acceptance and forgiveness will become more apparent.

When the heart starts to open, there is a new space. This can sometimes seem like a big emptiness. As you allow the stillness of this to take place, in neutrality, the inspiration of the love force and soul and intuition can begin to penetrate into your lives more and more.

Your body will reveal that connection takes place in the heart as the central point.

It is a time of tremendous change as you get to 2012, the end of the world as you have known it… and the beginning of a new experience of the world in more ways than you have imagined. You are being born into the Christ consciousness of the soul… and this is just the beginning.

You will know that you are the very force of love. So be it."