Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Dear brothers and sisters, it pleases us greatly to tell you about the unstoppable achievements we are attaining, which are preventing more and more, those who conspire anonymously to continue with the materialistic and selfish in their world of power, which they had maintained over the population of until now.

We are sparing nothing on our part, in an and with incessant endeavors so that all the forces of good, honesty and Light may triumph over them, and they may be dethroned forever from the government and the distribution of the riches that shares with all Her children equally and with profound generosity. It is evident to them, the Dark Ones, although they have not wished to do this, to follow the example of their Mother who wishes to see all happy, joyful and without having to suffer scarcities or hardships of any kind.

Those who still hold on to the occult power of the destiny of all humanity and who, until now, have reigned with total impunity, have no qualms or regrets for the consequences of their acts on the totality of the human genre, and the impact their nefarious decisions have caused to the Nature of this beautiful planet, are finally aware that the Forces of Light, formed by a resounding and effective coalition amongst yourselves, the , and our contingents from other worlds, are achieving their displacement from their offices and occult bunkers, in order to establish a New World government headed by leaders with a good heart, and whose altruistic intention fully guides them to improve the conditions of all inhabitants of Gaia, without distinction of race, language, costumes or ideologies.

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