My beloved light bursts, it is such a delight to reconnect with your in this way once
more. I have much to share with you about the changes that are occurring within the inner
planes, upon the and in your own reality. For many of you reality seems much the same
which may be true from a physical perspective but there is much occurring right now energetically
and will continue to develop throughout 2012.

This time has been long awaited by every upon the Earth as you have all contracted to walk
upon the solid foundations of the Earth during this period of evolution. There is a need to ask
yourself why you are here at this time. I can explain this to you but it is important that each soul
has a knowingness or an of why they are upon the Earth at this very moment. If
an understanding is gained then you will find that you are able to use the energies of 2012 to
boost your growth tremendously. Many people upon the Earth now are feeling more connected to
the Creator and the spiritual planes than ever before but there are some who feel more lost than
has previously been experienced. They understand the magnificence of the energies and know
their own magnificence but still they are uncertain what they need to achieve upon the Earth,
whether it is in their physical reality or their spiritual growth. Some people who are feeling this
way didn't contract to be here at this time originally in their current lifetime but have developed
themselves profoundly and their soul wished to continue this pathway of growth rather than upon
the or upon a distant star. Others have changed their soul contract with the Earth
several times because of their growth and so need to reconnect with their own energies and lay
down new plans.

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