Dear beloved Souls of the wonder-full

I A.M. . Many of you seem sometimes to have completely forgotten who I AM, or who God even is. When I say these words, I do not mean to say, you don't have a , you do. But the we once had, when Societies on were more spiritual, became in the Dark Ages more distant. If you want to talk about THE FALL, it would be a Fall in Dimensions, bringing you to 3D and some Individuals even lower than than.

All of this happened, because of YOUR FREE WILL. God, in Truth, does not ever harm any Soul, nor does God or any of us, FORCE any Soul to ANYTHING. This is what free Will means, and this is the real Power you have and always will have.

I would like to speak of something very essential to you today, YOUR WHOLE BEING, how it functions, what happens exactly when dealing with the two opposing Energies of Duality.

In your memory, stored spiritually as well as physically, you have many Layers of Bodies in your Soul. Your physical Existence is only a tiny Part of the WHOLE. You within yourself are a whole World and a whole Universe in itself. It doesn't really matter, what others around you might be doing, feeling or going through, all that is important FOR YOU IS YOU

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