Dear , we are the Arcturians!

Today we come to you to inform you that in reality your old world does no longer exist.

What you see, the shadow of it while you are still dreaming in your old world, so that it seems, that this world continues.

We, from the higher dimensions, can see clearly from our greater point of that this is indeed so. As you are tucked with your vision still in a 3D density, your brain is still wired to continue your in the old ways just because it is used to it.

If you all only could see, what we see! But you all will see it – and the sooner the better – when you are your point of view, when you start living in your heart, when you start to allow the new energies which are the substance for the creation of your new world, to enter you, to change your carbon based body into a one, and when you allow all your to be transmuted, and so your brain waves and the glands in your head, and everything that comes with it.

You, who are here to allow this transformation to occur, are already in the midst of this change. Although you still might be not aware of it, and although you might still hang on to the old view and of your world in its 3dimensional appearance.

We tell you this, so that you become aware what is already happening, and so that you change your disposition to up your vision, to ready yourself to receive the gifts of light and from heaven, and to allow to be changed by it.

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