Welcome dear ones we are here to further and at a time where many will feel like they are walking through a dream that no longer makes any sense. Much of the that is being put out across the planet earth is now disinformation, has reached such levels that many are now having to process conflicting and we for all to try to find balance within. For all is within, the outer simply a reflection of what is going on inside of you. The human reaction to change is often fear and that fear is exaggerating the chaos that is now occurring across the planet.

The is here dear ones, it has always stood watch over the human race and now unprecedented numbers of humans are now experiencing the light ships and able to digest that the human race is not alone. As many more humans begin to accept TRUTH and accept their stellar origins then more and more of the light ships will be seen. You cannot see what you cannot understand and that is being shown to many, many humans across the planet. All is in plain view dear ones and no one hides anything from you.

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