Dear ones we are here with you at this time as many of you are now beginning to FEEL and to see the changes that are happening within your societies. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support you as you are now beginning to anchor more and more light and to release that which no longer serves.

As the energies begin once more to increase we ask that you reach out to those around you for many are walking in darkness. Unable to understand what is happening to the planet for they are walking in illusion. We are here to guide those who have awakened to a level that they can now FEEL and we ask you not to underestimate the energetic fluctuations to your planet. For all are affected by these energies and many more changes will now begin to unfold and to allow for more shifts in consciousness.

There is much talk about ascension and once more we guide that ascension is a personal process that is done by each individual human across the planet. The speed and the depth of the ascension is down to that individual. It will soon become apparent across the world that many are now not going to awaken and that many who are awakened will awaken no further. This is not a judgement for we are not here to judge this is guided so that you are now able to understand that not all humans are on the path that you are on and not all humans have made the soul decision to become fully enlightened beings at this time.

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