Welcome dear ones, we come to communicate with YOU at a time when the new are now increasing and pulling to the of YOUr very BEing that which has been stored within YOU for lifetimes. It is now time to allow these to rise to the and to allow the deep healing to begin. Healing begins by allowing the emotions an outlet and we for all to stay with the emotions that will begin to arise. Holding on will cause more pain and trauma as that which has been stored no longer serves in the new energies and the new world that is being created before YOUr very eyes.

The new world that is being dreamed into creation comes from a place of deep love and that is accessed through the . We guide for all to allow the deep clearing of the . Allow all that YOU have experienced to go for YOU have allowed the experience to talk to YOU, have learned the lessons and now must allow the experience to dissolve. For the use of the human was never allowed to be shown to YOU under the old energies. It was kept from YOU and hidden in clear view. Much will unfold across the planet and many will step back in astonishment as that which has always been here and in full view is now able to be viewed and heard. For we guide now on the noises that are being heard across the planet and we guide for ALL to go within to anchor these new energies and what the energies are now communicating to YOU. For each one of YOU is a vibration, as the new unfolds and begins the deep clearing process within each one of YOU then YOUr vision will clear and YOUr hearing will begin to hone itself to new sounds, new vibrations and new communications.

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