Welcome dear ones we come to further and to explain that which is unfolding around the world at this time of vast energetic heightening and anchoring. We are here to and never to lead and we at all times for YOU to process within YOUr that which we . It is down to each individual human alive on the planet to discern , this is not something that is exactly the same for each human, that teaching was a distortion and another way to control and contain. For each one of YOU will have their own distinction as each one of YOU has their own path and their own souls path and journey to discover. We ask all to detach from the of "same". The unending arguments of who is right and who is wrong lower the human vibration and this teaching was placed within YOUr consciousness to further control and contain. We ask that YOU process our guidance through YOUr hearts and discern TRUTH in relation to the life experience that YOU are creating.

Many are still running with conspiracy theories and we guide all to be aware that may lead to further containment as the fear that is unfolding within these ways of logically thinking do nothing to expand and grow the human vibration. The path that YOU are on at a soul level will show whether YOU will resonate with the information given to YOU or be able to see through the veils of illusion and see that to have a new world the old must be detached from. We watch as many fall once more into fear and anxiety when "new" energies and "new" experiences are put before them. We ask once more why full disclosure to the human race would be an option when many of the human race are unable to move to the heart and out of the head. For the resulting confusion would serve no one. Whilst YOU believe that YOUr world is what it was shown to YOU as and no more then it would be difficult for YOU to comprehend the realms that wish to step forward in a context that would be safe for YOU.

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