Let the for these times be the word "focus". No matter what is occurring in the World around you, focus your Love on it, bless it and shower this Love whenever and wherever you may walk. Know that you are each representatives of the Divine and that your every thought, word, action and deed has become most important in the bringing in of the Earth reality. There will be many in the days that lie ahead that will try to distract you from this focus and it falls upon you to remember your vision and your purpose for being here at this time.

Find a way to spend as much of your free time as possible in a quiet environment that will allow you to focus on your goals of personal and Planetary Ascension. This is the time to take action and the days of passively waiting for others to come to the rescue are now over and done with. YOU are the Creators, Beloved Ones. All that you have accomplished and overcome to get you to this point is now to be put into practical use in service for the highest good of All. It is crucial that your Light and your feelings of Love and compassion, daily reach out into the people and places around you.

Try to hold onto the feelings of joy and bliss that the New energies bring in. When you feel these powerfully uplifting moments, take note of these and learn to bring these feelings up within you at will throughout the rest of your of incredible changes. Believe in the miraculous and watch the wondrous synchronicities begin to occur. Open your hearts to ever greater downloads of Light, Love, upgrades and attunements and always remember to ask and intend these, both morning and night.

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