Welcome dearest children of God to our that is getting underway. Before we begin, I am sending forth a cleansing wave of love and devotion that is over pouring from my dear ones.

Still seekers of the truth…that you will always will be. Seeking the truth of the world around which you live does not mean you are overly inquisitive it means you are being informed. How your world, the community which you live including the people that are you neighbours, family, friends, passers-by; all can effect your perception of the truth. I recommend and encourage each of you to stay fast and true to what YOU believe in, even if your beliefs to not match with another's. There is no need for heated confrontations, simply accept everyone is different. Accept you have your own set of values, traits, beliefs, etc. There does come a time dear ones when you will need to address those values and beliefs and investigate their usefulness to you in the now and present. As you move through your life, progressing from your challenges that are attached with lessons, your thoughts and ways of doing things will change. Sometimes it takes a while to notice those changes because you live during very busy times and simply can forget to take time to reflect and take note of all your incredible achievements; both spiritually and personally.

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