Hilarion, How Can Your Physical Energies Comprehend Source

Your physical energies, meaning the frequency of your physical tissue and the frequencies of the energy layers around your must learn to relax.

In this way they form a matrix into which your vaster energies can fit.

Everything must blend.

But how would substances blend if they remain so vastly different?

So, how do we prepare these physical/etheric energies to become a changed spiritual substance more similar to the deeper, more textural, and vaster energies of our high/deep spirit?

When we view your energies on earth in the context of your energies in spirit, which did you know that those energies actually surround you from every direction, it is just that you have not made them part of your human system yet, we see that an effective way to support the change of the substance of your physical /energies is to actually relax those energies. We do not mean relax your mind, although that is part of your energy, though perhaps not as deep.

So accessing your energies directly we would like you to ask them to relax.

In the consciousness of energy, relaxation is equivalent to standing down.

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