Blessings to One and to All. It is grand to be speaking through our dear once again after only speaking through her a few precious days ago. Needless to say, I have much to say.

Being that I AM the Lord of Love, I would like to speak of Love of the . It has come to my attention from careful observation there are great many dear souls who love, but still with expectations and conditions. Dear ones, it is imperative to understand, loving another person in the purest way possible is give of yourself with NO expectations and of NO conditions. When you love unconditionally for the pure sake of loving, great satisfaction and fulfillment will be reached. Waiting for a response, or a reaction from who you are expressing to may only lead to disappointment because you have added an expectation. Remember, it is always better to give than receive. Knowing in your heart you made someone's day a little brighter as a result of your thoughtfulness should be enough. Look hard within yourself dear ones if you are upset when you don't receive some kind of gratification from whom you are expressing yourself to. In this day in age of such great change, it is important to think outside of yourself and to note not all will be openly responsive and this is by no means a reflection on you or on them. Accepting everyone whom you associate with, regardless if they are family, friend, co-worker, etc., is important and a valuable asset to your spiritual and personal growth.

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