We begin with a warm, heartfelt greeting that is filled to overflowing with unconditional love from my heart unto each of yours.

Within each of you is a powerhouse of Infinite Power and the source is LOVE. Yes, dear ones LOVE. How very plain and simple, yet so true. When you work love into every action, every word and every thought you have the POWER to make wonderful changes. Not only changes for yourself and those whom are close to you, but also changes that will effect the world.

This all narrows down to thought and what is the basis of those thoughts. Are your thoughts derived from Love? When you begin each day, you are given a new day of HOPE, rekindled Faith and a chance to share the world of your endless supply of love. Having the right attitude and thought pattern will assist in your efforts to form any creation that is to serve everyone for the greatest of good.

Within each of you is the ability to carry out many tasks many have thought not possible or out of their reach. But by using the Power of Positive Thinking and Love, you can heal yourself of many illnesses. Manifestations on the Violet Flame will not only heal the disharmonies many of you pick up along your journey from clearing passed negative situations, but will also help heal you of many ailments. It is time to change your way of thinking. It is time to come forward with a much more positive and loving way. There are many layers of thought forms that are cause of many diseases and malfunctions of your physical . Each of you has the ability to heal the cell structure within your and change this forever. All with the POWER of Positive Thinking and with Love. It does take time to change the way you think as you cannot help it; after all how we are is the most part merely habitual. And like all habits, they can be altered, and broken for newer better ways.

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