Galactic Federation Of Light Melchizedek January 22 2012
Blessings Bright Hearts; my day is always brighter when I get to speak to so many through this fine soul. I have much to talk about today.

Bright Hearts you have come far since infancy of this lifetime. You have grown, developed fine motor skills and large motor skills. You have learned to read and to write. You have learned how to communicate and how to express yourself. Your teachers were your parents, caregivers, older siblings, family members, family , school teachers, etc. Being on the path of light you have learned that some of what you have been taught wasn't quite the truth, but at the of the teaching, that was all the truth that was known and the lessons from those times have become old and dusty.

Since your awakening and discovering your own Light that is fuelled by unconditional light you have developed, nurtured and changed many of those teachings to suit who you are today. And from those experiences, those lessons, you have learned how important it is to allow a or a new person to the Light to grow his or her own spiritual experience and not to force opinions and judgements. See where they wander, gently guide them when it's required. When guiding a towards a spiritual life, do not push to hard. Let the learn at a pace that is comfortable for them and not to turn them into little adults. Their minds are just as sponge-like as your own yet grasp concepts differently. Give them room to breathe, just as you do a newly awakened sister or brother of the Light. Gentleness, kindness, love and compassion will be your biggest asset when working with others Bright Hearts regardless of their spiritual depth and understanding. Each of you are at a different place as you are meant to. That is so you can learn from one another as each of your progress. You will accomplish great patience as you continue along your journey Bright Hearts. Don't rush it, let it come to you.

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  1. For some reason words on right side of coloums are not readabe. The ends are kind of cut off. You might have to fix margins on your coloums, specially on right side.

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