Messages received and shared here come from and even though utilizes human/personality channels – it is this group's view that messages from are never meant to elevate or be claimed by the singular. The universe works in accordance to each and every ones need – so if you are reading this you are meant to have it. Please share accordingly.

Channeled through Michael Xavier for the Universal Service of Light

Universal Service of Light

I AM Metatron

There is a vast celestial inter-working now unfolding on your sphere – and in this knowingness as the energy and vibrations are increased – many of you will begin to experience higher states of and higher frequencies in your daily lives.

For the many that have given their power away – that have succumb to the collective consciousness of corruption that has run so prevalent in the many societies in the world — many of these ones are coming to a new of realization – A higher of self identification — A of higher elevation in limitless thinking.

Dreaming such as the human mind does when it surrenders its consciousness to sleep is a potential of the reality of life and it's never ending possibilities within your conscious waking life.

Many in the world are waking up from a nightmare like scenario of being separate and cutoff from love. This is allowing many to remember what it is to be a true family and come home to the life giving energies of the cosmos and universe.

In shifting to higher dimensions it is imperative to remember to hold the thought forms of love and light as these things will begin to manifest around you.

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