Sananda- All of the things that many of you have postponed in life due to fear consciousness, which has been so prevalent for so many of you beloved ones – we admonish you to fully release this and claim your infinite potential as limitless creative beings in the kingdom of God.

You are a divine perfect child of the Creator of the Universe who has made you in this image, wonderfully and beautifully replete.

It is only in a moments and states of forgetfulness – in falling in line with many others in a forgetful state that have collectively agreed on a limited fear ridden illusion that has brought so many of you hardship and powerlessness.

It is important now in this time beloved ones to forgive all those who have seemingly wronged you. To forgive and shed love on everything that comes into your conscious awareness — these things will be forgiven, and you will be able to move further away from them, and they too will be able to move forward as you move forward.

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