Dear child of the Light and dear . I, Sananda, come to you this evening on behalf of the whole to welcome you into the Golden Age. You who are tracking the truth and you who walk towards these strong Lights, you know that the winds of change are now blowing very hard. In truth, , the Universe and all souls on this planet, are now entering into the New. The New Age is here and it will not wait. You who already are aware of this, you who are awake, you can feel how it practically contracts in the middle of the eye of the storm, as a mother who waits to birth and welcome her child. In the same way we now feel these expectant vibrations and you become ever more conscious that the tide now pulsate in one single beat of the heart. This has a great impact on all souls on , do not think that anybody will escape this. However, you who are awake or is beginning to wake up out of the illusionary box that you have been sleeping in for so long you can feel these new and powerful vibrations as sudden loss of energy, changes in appetite, as you do not need the same intake of energy as before and neither do you react to food as before, you mood is on a high and then on a low all at the same time and you feel gradually how that which gave you joy before more and more is loosing its attraction and radiance. This can put you in a very contradictory emotional state and the glorified picture you might have had of how it is to start up an Ascension process is now being chipped in the corners and it is falling apart as a house of cards. Good. It is as it should be. Do not fear this, my beloved Starseeds. It is as it should and it IS something that you all must go through.
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