In truth all are one, and in the coming year this will become increasingly apparent as you continue purposefully onwards towards the of your awakening. It will be a of enormous significance, culminating in wondrous celebrations. You have, of , heard this many times before but it needs to be repeated because, for many, daily life continues to be experienced as an exhausting and seemingly endless struggle for survival, which can easily distract you from focusing your attention on your purpose for being here — to carry the divine Light on high and show others the way.

As way-showers your faith in God's Love for you and in His Will for you to is unshakable, although at times doubts do arise when you are living through periods of great personal stress. Remind yourselves that His Love for you is infinite, and because it is His Will there is no way that you can fail to into your fully-conscious state — it is divinely ordained.

As you continue forwards, carrying your Light on high, be aware that It grows brighter with every passing day. Your constant and determined intent to be way-showers brings untold grace to you and to all with whom you interact, as your Father's Love embraces you unceasingly. Share that Love willingly and indiscriminately as you make your way homewards, because everyone — even though they may well be unaware of it — is heading along with you towards Home, and the Love you share, especially when you are seemingly attacked, has enormous power to help you onwards. It demonstrates to all that Love works, that Love encourages, that Love inspires, and that Love cannot fail. And this lesson is being received, understood, and learned all across the world.

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