Many are feeling very stressed and enervated as the issues that they need to address and release in order for them to demand their attention. Your awakening is guaranteed, and the when it will happen is approaching very rapidly. Consequently, the issues that attach you to the illusion have to be dealt with. You know this deep within yourselves, and so they are being driven up into your awareness to enable you to acknowledge and release them.

They are basically your fixed ideas and beliefs on which you base your judgments: I am being abused; I am a helpless of circumstances; these people are forcing me to do this; I am of little worth; it's not my fault; how could s/he treat me like this; I will not put up with this; s/he is wrong and should not be allowed to get away with it; they deserve ; what s/he did was unconscionable. . . on and on — a litany of unloving thoughts and attitudes. To awaken you have to release all of them and embrace acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

Because you can feel the approach of the moment of awakening, you are also experiencing a sense of urgency which is pushing these issues into your conscious mind so that you can release them. It is stressful because you have believed in the righteousness, dignity, and integrity of those attitudes for a very long time, and have attached yourselves to a right and an expectation of restitution for the wrongs supposedly inflicted on you — you have (within yourselves) demanded justice, and you know that God has seen how you have been wronged and that therefore these wrongdoers must be punished by Him. But, there is no one on Earth who has not offended or harmed another; so none of you can be innocent!

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