Your expectations continue to rise as the for your awakening approaches, and this is good because interested and enthusiastic of this magnificent event raises your spirits, encouraging you to maintain and further the loving attitudes that are so essential to bringing it to fruition. Focus on loving thoughts, words, and actions to align yourselves with the Will. This enables the conduits through which God's Love flows ceaselessly to strengthen and expand, intensifying that energetic flow. Do not forget that every one of you is a conduit. Attitudes that are not utterly loving kinks and restrictions in the conduits, so continue to hold the intent to release them. Doing this also brings you to a more peaceful state within yourselves, reducing your stress levels and making it easier for you to become totally self-accepting. Acceptance of yourselves just as you are, without judgment or self-criticism, opens the way for you to accept others just as they are, and helps you to catch glimpses or inklings of the truth of the statement "All are one." You will find these glimpses extremely uplifting.

It is the One that you all are that is to awaken, and that is why it is such a momentous event of unprecedented significance which will be met with the most fantastic celebrations. You are moving relentlessly forwards towards the completion of an extremely important stage in the divine plan for creation which will effectively raise the level of consciousness, the level of awareness of all sentient beings to undreamt-of heights, and there is not one among you who will not be stunned with amazement and joy when you come into the knowing, the realization of the wonder that has occurred.

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