Many of you are finding this period in the divine plan stressful with your doubts and skepticism intensifying as you wait expectantly for the moment of awakening. This is very understandable because all the channels and all the guides have been encouraging your expectations, and yet most of you have very little, if any, sense of the enormous changes that are actually occurring worldwide. However, I can assure you that your intent to awaken, coupled with your intent to embrace only loving energies, and release all others, is intensifying and strengthening your connection to and integration with the divine energy field that is enveloping the planet

Some of you, who are more conscious of holding these intents, are experiencing unusual tiredness, even exhaustion, as your old and ancient disabling and limiting attitudes and beliefs storm into your awareness to be released. Others among you are releasing more general issues from many who are still deeply asleep, that you have, at a deeper level of your being, volunteered to help with, and which as a result are being channeled through you. For this you are greatly honored.

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