The way that humans experience life is due to change dramatically for the better in the very near future. For eons, conflict, distrust, and betrayal have been the standard modes of for the vast of those living on Planet Earth, and for that it is almost impossible to conceive of any other way because it appears to be standard and normal, and to actually trust anyone would seem to invite betrayal and would therefore be insane. Instead of trusting, you invest in , believing that that is the most effective way to ensure your safety, and from there you come to the next logical conclusion, namely, that the best form of is attack. Wars are started and suffering is your constant companion.

Guides and teachers have been constantly pointing out to you the fallacy of this belief system for a very long time. Now, at last, their wisdom is being heard and understood by enough of you to enable great changes in the ways that you interact and communicate with each other — whether within families or nation to nation — to be put into operation for the benefit of all on the planet. These changes are part of the divine plan that is leading you forwards towards the moment of your awakening into your natural and fully-conscious state, and they have reached a momentum that is unstoppable and irreversible.

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