The awareness that something big is shortly to occur is rising into the consciousness of nearly everyone on Earth. And so it should! You have been praying and intending to awaken for a very long time, and now the progress you have made is becoming visible all over the world in the form of people's concern for the well-being of others. It has been a long journey to arrive at this point in your spiritual evolution, and from here there is no going back. You are all set to continue, and your progress is accelerating as you become ever more aware of your divine spiritual essence and of your desire to be truly Yourself — the being of infinite value and integrity that God created eons ago.

Life on earth has been traumatic, stimulating, confusing, and painful, and by experiencing it you have been presented with the lessons that you chose to learn as part of your spiritual evolution. You have now reached a stage where you can learn the remaining lessons far more quickly because you are far more willing to let go of grudges and judgments as you realize that they serve no useful purpose in your lives. They merely add to the confusion and pain of the illusion. This realization is a massive step forward after eons in which judgment, condemnation, and revenge were generally considered to be not only the natural retaliatory response to any offense committed against you, but also your duty in order to regain your honor.

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