When you come together in groups to pray or meditate and you hold the intent that , your individual intents are very much strengthened and intensified. As the of awakening draws ever closer, more and more of you are doing this, and as a result the momentum carrying you towards that point in time is far too powerful for anything to divert it or slow it down. It is becoming an intense and exciting ride to a most glorious destination, and your sense of exhilaration when you arrive there will be mind blowing!

Where you are at present is the culmination of eons of struggle and many lifetimes in the illusion, as you sought to make sense of it. But it makes no sense, and the imaginary paths that you invented to lead you were not very helpful because so many of them involved harsh judgment of those on paths other than your own. Finally, enough of you realized the insanity of this approach to finding your way , understood that your Father is infinite loving kindness, and began to practice being loving kindness yourselves. This brought you some peace and stillness which enabled you to hear the spiritual guides who had always been with you. These first ones shared their experiences, which encouraged others to adopt these new attitudes, even though the vast majority of humanity were too bound up in conflict and struggle to even consider attempting to embrace such a seemingly weak and ineffective way of living.

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