Dratzo! We return! The events that to transform your world are close to manifesting! We have been told by our allies that a massive global event is close. We are approaching what is known on your world as the New Year of the Chinese calendar. It is the Year of the Water Dragon, which is characterized by dramatic change. Many of you are waiting, as are we, for the dark to receive its just desserts, and indeed, the current economic realities are beginning to force the dark cabal to scramble for a way out. Its currencies are being challenged. Many nations that hold large natural resources, such as oil, gold, and precious stones, are no longer willing to accept these monies as a true exchange, and this is putting additional pressure on the dark-controlled banking system. Reforms that have been announced but then delayed are being asked to come on line now. This is forcing the dark to move toward a policy of debt forgiveness, but this is depressing even further many stock and commodity exchanges. Moreover, it is forcing a slowdown in the so-called recovery process.

The multiplicity of fears weighing in upon the dark cabal is, strangely, making them even more arrogant. The main rulership committees of the cabal have recently broken off talks with our Earth allies, which we interpret as a panic response as they have in effect very little to negotiate about since the die has been cast as far as they are concerned. As they see it, all these dark ones have left to them is to continue to stoke the flames of several possible large-scale war scenarios; thus, our immediate task has been handed to us. We have instructed our liaisons to monitor all aggressive momentums now unspooling on your world and see to it that none of these develop into major conflicts. The longer a no-war option is upheld, the quicker the remaining issues can be resolved. The main delay now is the fact that your various global political communities have never before acted without the full oversight of the cabal guiding their every action. This last-minute case of 'cold feet' is being addressed and we fully expect a series of revolutionary events to happen and transform your world forever.

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