Greetings Fellow Travelers.

Today we speak of creation.

This concept of creation is here as empowerment. This has been with you as long as you have been on this earth , as long as you have been a being; in other , in other places and in other , you have been this creation.

This creationary aspect of your multi-dimensional self is there for your remembrance. Fore this remembrance of your creationary is there to be activated within your . The remembrance is held within your cells.

The timing of this remembrance is because of the increased light coming into our solar system, and the of our earth. For the of our earth create a movement within you. This movement within yourself is not created for you — but with you = by you, as you.

This creation is a radiating of spirit held light.

And here lies the choice — the choice to bring this creationary aspect as part of your life, into the outward being of yourself, into the new reality that is created in this new well of remembrance of you. With this merging of you and the earth, with you and , it is you all to the merging of your current selves and your ancient selves. This merging has brought on the remembrance to be activated within your cells. The remembrance brings the energy of creation. And in this creationary , is for you to see this of your creation.

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