To the Beloved Lightworkers of the World,

We are the Angelic Forces of Victory and we come to you in these times to bring you empowerment, that you may know that your daily efforts to raise your frequency levels and your love quotient is being met upon the higher planes with an even greater magnification and so you are each becoming the Radiant , the Human Angels who are in the process of the remembrance of your Divine heritage. We walk beside you to the victory of the Mastery of your above the human condition, that you may fulfill the greater Plan for your lives and the lives of all sentient Beings upon your Planet.

Know, , that Love IS the most and compelling force in existence. is nothing that can withstand its power, its essence, its all encompassing acceptance. As you yourselves into higher aspects of yourselves, you will understand that Love is the medium of exchange between all citizens of all the galaxies and universes throughout . Know that by your each day of affirming and decreeing that you are, that you are in the process of becoming that Light, that Light that you have always been but have forgotten during your many sojourns into the duality experience.

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