Dear one,
We are the Arcturians!

We take your experience not to be able to convey messages as usual because of problems as an example.

Dear one, writing messages will not be forever part of your service to , as the energies will change.

There will be a time when all your computers and your internet on your world will not work properly because of the interference of the incoming new frequencies on your world. Although you will probably feel at first uneasy with it — what perhaps also others might feel when they are no longer nurtured and informed by messages, such as yours and of the many other channels — be assured though that this interference serves a greater purpose.

Dear ones, this will be the time when each one of you will have no other choice than deepen your relationship with your own deeper to be guided and informed by it, and also to step out from your place of retreat from your old nonfunctional world, because this is the beginning of the new world to join your brothers and sisters, your human family more directly and more united than ever before.

Soon there will be a time when you all experience direct communication from your heart with the hearts of everybody. And this will be for each of you of great joy and pleasure, as you start to recognize one another from the heart of unity and inherent love.

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