children it has been a little while since I last spoke through our dear child and to all of you. Yes, it is I the , God or the Source to others. I AM your Father and I AM pleased to come forth and converse with you once again. Our discussions are always so delightful. The messages of late through our dear child here have been mainly concerning Self-Love, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Compassion; there has been transmissions regarding the invocation of the Violet Flame whenever possible and always Unconditional Love. Today's discussion is to continue from all the wonderful Masters and angels that have transmitted through her of late.

I see many of my children expressing their love to everyone they meet and this is wonderful to see, but what I also see from many is what is in their hearts. And their spoken word does not match with how they truly feel. Masks are not necessary dearly beloved children when you are walking in the Light of your Divine Path to the Oneness of your I AM Presence. Sometimes the masks put on can fool people and sometimes the masks fool no one. A really in-tune will see through any mask that you put on that impersonates the full meaning of what is being said. The only one who is being fooled is the one wearing the mask. I ask of you dear children to drop the masks and let your real true selves shine. Each of you are beautiful and bright and your truth is far more brilliant than any mask no matter how well it's put on. Oh I see dearly beloved children, I see everything and I know what you are going to say before you actually do. I marvel at your creative ways you find when speaking with difficult people or how you behave during difficult situations. I have seen your struggles and I have comforted you many times even when some of you were unaware. Many times I have shined my light, illuminating you out of your dark moment and into the light again when you have asked for me. I love you dearly beloved children; I love every part that makes who you are. I have long since accepted every aspect that has created you into the you are now. I do not condemn or criticize any of the life lessons you have learned; I praised you and cheered you, knowing you would come through when you were ready to face all that you had to. I love you completely and unconditionally everyday of your life and in every lifetime you have had. Knowing that I love you so deeply and endlessly, I ask of you to take some energy from this love and love yourself. Absorb my energy dearly beloved children, let it heal your hurts and calm your mind. I AM always here for you; not near as far as you may think at times.

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