Jan 3
There is an sweeping through our world. You feel it and I feel it. It is a transformational wave; uplifting, assuring, nurturing, illuminating, loving and reconnecting. Without the influence of anyone else, we all know, we just ‘know’, these winds of change are divinely sent, and at this in our collective journey, a critical necessity. Our God given powers of intuition and self discernment reawakened, we need not be taken by the hand and instructed that it is time for many to leave behind the illusion of fear, darkness, distrust and separation, and return to the frequency of love, light, trust, and unity. Now is the time for us to reconnect with Source, which is everything and every being throughout God’s magnificent creation, the oneness of all.

The awakened soul understands we are not alone and have never been so. Our , Ascended , and guides are with us and have always been with us every step of the way, nurturing us, guiding us, teaching us. Our today is the reconnection. Our return to the one we are, have always been, and always will be. Yet there are those souls incarnate today who choose to distrust and shun our higher dimensional brethren of the , who are here only through the Creator’s divine decree to assist humanity at this, our most challenging moment throughout our collective journey.

Although all is choice and every soul possesses the sacred right of free will, a most obvious question does present itself. In where would be the lesson we are being taught at this time by our Creator, our Angels, our and our guides if the Galactic , after gaining our trust, revealed themselves as conquerors, concealed within a Trojan horse painted in colors of higher vibration but constructed of lies and deceit? What would be the lesson in this? That we are all not one, but are greatly divided? That we should blindly ignore the signs of love, light, peace, harmony and unity? That it is wise to accept as friends only those born within the borders of our neighborhoods, cities, and countries, and all others are to be labeled outsiders and therefore untrustworthy? That it is prudent to draw a line in the dirt between beings of different heritage, skin color, or language spoken? To learn that paranoia, insecurity, and xenophobia are spiritual virtues? To trust the fear instinct and follow where that energy guides us? To learn that the Creator’s universe is an untrustworthy and dangerous place, full of monsters and boogey men? To believe that our Creator, Angels, and our guides would turn their backs on us and allow us to be conquered by a cosmic Cortes? To rebury our heads in the celestial sand and revert back to pre-Copernican days when we believed Earth and humanity are God’s only good creation? Is this the false teaching of which you are a student?Centuries ago, the most advanced culture on this planet began the construction of a great wall to close themselves off from the rest of the world. After many long centuries, this once advanced people opened their door to the outside world and found that the rest of civilization had passed them by, leaving them hundreds of years behind socially, culturally, economically, industrially, scientifically and technologically. When one fails to learn the lessons history has taught, history is destined to repeat.