God said:

Dear of Mine, you, who are reading this right now, I speak to you. Life would indeed be bleak if there were no I. Fortunately, I AM and so are you. As One, We exist. We exist in a state of love. That is the whole story of US. Love loves. Love is in the company of love. Love surges and spins and locates itself wherever you are. For, wherever you are, I AM. I am you. If I am I, I am also you. If that were not so, you wouldn't appear. You are not only the twinkle in My eye. You are also My eye, My , My mind, Me.

From your vantage, I might as well be telling you a fairy tale. Yet you are aware that there is even in fairy tales. This I tell you has no exception. This is Reality. Your perception of life on is the fairy tale. Your whole life story is a fairy tale.

There is Truth in your life. You are learning. You are learning Who You are. You are coming to grips with all possibilities.

And everyone you meet in the world is also I and, therefore, you. Everyone you are attracted to is you. Everyone you are not attracted to is also you. If they are I, they are you.

In Truth, there is no they, and there is no you. There is I.

And yet you scramble in the world, and yet you look at the far reaches of the sky. You dig in the soil, and flowers arise, and you are the fruit of My vine.

When you play the piano, it is I Who plays the piano. When you compose music, it is I Who composes the music. When you paint, I am the . When you do, I am the Doer, and when you don't do, I am the Doer. At the same time, you are the One Who does for Me. No matter how wayward you may seem, you are God on the loose. How can this be, and yet it is.

You are so powerful that you can even mix everything up. You can even mess up. You do mess up. The God in the Sky would never do that, you feel. It's true, I wouldn't. I brought into being a perfect Earth, and I treasure it, and I treasure the seeming you, and I know what I, God, wrought. I wrought you. I wrought you and sent you to Earth to grow flowers and make the Earth beautiful. I sent Myself in the image of an individual. I am definitely in your heart. I am definitely inside you. I am a part of you, and yet I am more than a part. I AM you, the seeming you that wanders around and is puzzled by everything.

Is it really a puzzle when all the pieces are already put together and fit?

You are putting all the pieces together. You are completing what will not be a puzzle to you for much longer. You are My , and you are putting My together. You, who have never left Home, are coming Home. You are gathering where you are from and where you belong and where you have never left except in this wild you are having. Despite the , you are dreaming new dreams, and you are making them come true. You make them come true on My behalf. You are My scout in the world. You are the fulfiller of My . You are I, Myself, having a , and now you have new dreams, and now you fulfill them. My dreams are coming true, and it is you I thank, for I thank Myself.

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